She Swam Without Arms

It was 1979 and I was at the University of Florida.  I was often at the gym on my endless battle of trying to lose weight.  It was an early fall afternoon and it was still hot out.  I was walking by the outdoor pool when I saw her.  A girl without arms was walking across the high dive.  She prepared herself to dive. With grace and flawless balance she dove into the pool. Then to my amazement she swam to the edge of the pool to do it all over again.  


That year at U.F.  I saw this young swimmer all over campus and about town. Once I saw her at a restaurant that I was at.  She was just a few tables over. She stood out. She had the thickest wavy, blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She was beautiful. She was with her boyfriend and another couple.  Then I saw her eat her meal with her feet.  Other times she could be seen driving. I was always amazed that this girl with no arms was doing so much more that I was. You see, I had always dreamed of trying out for the dive team but felt too insecure to try out.

God plants dreams, desires and destinies in our heart to make us more of the person He created us to be.  The only person limiting ourselves is us.  You have greatness in you.  How do I know?  The bible tells me that you are created in the image of God.  You literally reflect the beauty, glory and magnificence of God. You are beautiful, creative and talented.  

You can do more that you think you can do.

Begin to fulfill those dreams that have been in your heart.

What’s your excuse?

I encourage you to read The Armor of God to teach you to warfare against fear and to give you the authority to daily stand against it.

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