Do You Get Bitter When God Doesn’t Answer Prayer?

“A leper came to Jesus and bowed down before Him and said “Lord, if you are willing – You can heal me.” Mat. 8:2  The leper probably had missing fingers, a half-rotted nose, a limb that was missing and an eye that had long been eaten away by this disease.  Leprosy was an ugly, devastating disease.  No one wanted to be near you. No one could give you medical attention.  No one but other lepers wanted to be your friend.  You have become the scum of the earth – through no fault of your own.  It was the worst way to live and a horrible way to die.  


Yet look again at how this poor guy approaches the only one that can set him free – “IF YOU ARE WILING.” In other words he is saying “I know that you are more than able to heal me, but I am just human and I don’t understand if it is your divine will for me. Perhaps I could better serve you just as I am.  Perhaps you are calling me to a ministry among other lepers.  Perhaps your strength will be glorified in my weakness. I can’t understand the ways of God. But if you could see fit to heal me, I would be thankful from the depth of my heart.”

When we are hurting, in financial need, empty, lonely, desperate and completely devastated we need God to step in and do a miracle.  He is capable.  But is it always God’s best to change the situation? Sometimes it is not.  Doesn’t make sense to our human minds.

Even the cross didn’t make complete sense to Jesus when He was grappling with submitting His will to the Fathers. A part of Him was really hoping there might be another way “Father if it be possible let this cup pass from me…” It didn’t.  He had to endure all the shame and agony of the crucifixion.  Yet because of that precious blood it gives us entry into His presence eternally.

You have very specific needs today.  Your Father sees each and every one of them.  Perhaps He will answer those needs just as you desire – perhaps not.  There is always something greater that God is doing in our lives.  He is conforming our character to be more like His.  It is not an easy process.  Nor is it rid of pain.  You don’t even have to accept it.  But when you begin to pray “Lord here are my needs, but not my will but Thine be done….” then you have just stepped into conforming your character and will to look more like His.”

When you have prayed and God has not answered as you desired or expected ask Him to reveal His love to you a little more that day.  Otherwise you will become angry and bitter.  Choose to keep trusting God no matter what.  “If you can’t understand His hand you can trust His heart.”  

He is a good Father yet on this earth we will never completely understand all His ways.

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