There were 10 of them and they all met through a book club.  They were as diverse as the fall clouds blowing through each morning.  Some were older and conservative some were younger and wildly spontaneous.  One was a stay at home mom, one had her PhD, another was a teacher.  They came from all walks of life and actually shared little in common.  What they did have in common was books.


They all loved to read and came together on a regular basis to share about the latest book.  Then one day it happened.  There was a soul connection.  It was something that happens only at specially deemed times in a person’s life – they felt a heart connection.  They felt a love for one another.  Acquaintances no more – they became friends. This unusual conglomeration of  friends began a new journey of sharing, giving, celebrating and loving one another in a way one thinks only school children hold dear.

Some of these ladies are in their 40’s and some in their 60’s – but age is not a relevant factor for it is their new-found friendship and love that binds their ties. 

I met this charismatic group of ladies when I was at a pub with my daughter on Mackinac Island.  We were sitting at the only table left with any seats.  We welcomed them to share our table.  But here is where things changed.  They made Nicky and I a part of their entourage.  They all had each other – we were alone.  They were from Michigan – we were from out-of-state.  Yes, they were all friends but they became more that cold fall night in September, they became our friends as well.

We all talked, laughed and danced.  Now that is the greater love.  A love so great that it is inclusive of those around.  Proverbs tells us “Better is a friend who is near than a brother who is far away.” Look around you – who is near? Who needs a friend? Who would love to be a part of what you are doing?  Healing comes from being loved.  Healing often comes from places we least expect.  Healing comes when we reach out to others and when someone reaches out to us. 

On a chilly night on Mackinac Island, Michigan I felt loved by ladies who I may never see again.  May we all learn to love like the Michigan book club.

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