Guilty feelings that consume you can destroy your peace and joy.  Is guilt bad? Guilt is a tool that God uses to show us when we have done something wrong. When you have done something wrong repent and return.  You repent by sincerely asking God’s forgiveness for what you have done wrong.  If you need to make amends with others it is important to do so – see post: How to say I’m Sorry    

You return to God by not doing that wrong thing again.

Condemnation is a continual guilty feeling that is demonically based.  We have all felt it.  You feel so bad, so dirty, so decrepit, so worthless.  God doesn’t give you those feelings – Satan does.  Romans 8:1 tells us “There is therefore NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus.”  That just means if you have repented and returned then Satan has no right to put these demonic feelings upon you.

You must take authority over these feelings. You must stand against them. You must say Rom. 8:1 out loud all day long as long as condemnation continues to torment you. Jesus paid a high and precious price for the forgiveness of all our sins. Satan has no right to come in and destroy your peace.

Today you must learn to fight for what is rightfully yours – confidence, peace and joy. Be free in God’s perfect love.

If you struggle with guilty feelings see post The Armor of God

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