How to Make Satan Happy

HOW can you make Satan happy? Here are just a few easy ways:

Don’t  allow forgiveness towards others, oh, and hold grudges – this strengthens Satan’s kingdom. Make sure that  you return evil for evil, this makes the demons jump for joy.  When you are slandered, slander back. When you are gossiped about – do the same.


If you are in a church start criticizing the leadership – especially the Pastor – it will be a beginning of church dissension and you will have begun the process of destroying God’s church.

Wives and Mothers, in the mornings be impatient with your husband and children, it causes hurt feelings and wounds – thus making Satan’s day.

Husbands, watch TV sho1382624605gkeukws and movies that show sexuality – even just a little will put perverted thoughts in your head – thus you will have made Satan happy with your adultery.  Very important, keep that TV on!  Don’t shut off the TV because then you actually hear what your kids and wife are saying thus upsetting  the demonic realm. Yes, about the family matters. Keep forgetting to pray together.  

Satan likes to work on the kids while they are young, so a praying parent that reads the Bible with their kids just gets in the way. Make sure you do not take time to pray with your kids first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Eventually you will be used to not making God a priority in your home. Eventually your kids will no longer have God’s word as their guideline. It won’t be long before they are living a rebellious and undisciplined life – so very pleasing to Satan!


Always give into temptation: lust, perversion, overeating, overindulging, excess spending – it  shows lack of self-control and more focus on your needs.

Avoid memorizing the Word of God – oh how you will be making Satan smile. He hates the Word of God and this surely is a way to focus your mind on worldly matters instead of God.

Very important, always try to prove your point. Remember, it’s all about you and your needs. If you insist on your point of view you show power and control – Satan will love it.

Finally, be very busy. Satan loves excess busyness.  Stay so busy you won’t have time to pray, to meditate, to memorize the Word of God, won’t have time to enjoy your family.  Which leads to the final point:

Keep finding ways to make more money.  Use the excuse “We just need some extra.” Satan loves it.  Especially if you are a Pastor or in any ministry. If seeking money is one of your goals you will have done much to build up Satan’s kingdom.

Now, which one of you Christians can make Satan the happiest today?

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