Overcoming HOPELESS (part 2)

Most of us have  gone through many hopeless days in our lives.  Whether it has been through unemployment, divorce, sickness, a death in the family or any other difficulty, hopelessness can often consume us.  In part one I wrote about some specific things that you can do to overcome this mindset.  I said that hope is a discipline and not an emotion.  Today I will tell you about a devotional that has changed my life.  


Streams in the Desert  is one of the greatest books that you can read while you are going through a difficult time.  This daily devotional is unique because each day deals with differing aspects of hopelessness and despair.  There is an amazing anointing on this book.  The author complied some of the most encouraging sermons and writings of various Christians along with her own and put them into this book.  If you are hopeless I would like to pray for you now, prayer transcends all time so wherever you are God is hearing our prayers at this very moment.

“Dear Lord, I come before you for my friend.  You see what they are going through.  I ask that you put your loving arms around them and let them know that you care and you see their affliction and difficulties.  Help them dear Lord to know that there is hope in you.  You are at work in this situation.  In Jesus name I command the feeling of despair, hopelessness and depression to leave my friend in Jesus name. Lord, comfort them in the way only you can and let them know you are right there with them and that your love surrounds them.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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