Menopause, Depression & Best Health Secret

Cod liver Oil has changed my life.  Thirteen years ago I saw a female endocrinologist who significantly helped improve my health.  I had been feeling tired, overweight, swollen and dizzy.  Since all the tests showed that I was perfectly healthy she recommended a daily dose of cod liver oil.  She shared how she had suffered from depression for many years.  After intensive research she found that daily doses of cod liver oil dramatically improved her state of well-being and helped her overcome depression.


In the process she found it helped women to significantly reduce hot flashes. I began taking 1000 mg of cod liver oil in capsule form.  The first thing that I noticed was the severe pre-menstrual swelling was now  virtually gone.  After many years of suffering with horrible swelling I found that I could now enjoy once forbidden foods that would trigger the swelling.

Since I have continued taking the cod liver oil I have never had hot flashes – I am  53 years old.  

In the last several years more data has found that cod liver oil can significantly lessen the amount of depression a person feels.  

One researcher said that fish oil seems to improve cardiovascular health, it may not be that surprising to learn that healthier people are less depressed.

How much to take? My physician recommended I take 1000 mg and when I would eat salty foods I doubled it to help with swelling.  You need to find that amount that works for you.  Most importantly, keep taking it daily to see significant improvement. Where to purchase it? I purchase all my vitamins at Puritan’s Pride

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