SARCASM Hurts Others

Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt…” and I might add that often it hurts others.  Often times those of us who grew up in households that were sarcastic feel it is funny and natural to be sarcastic as well.


Has anyone ever hurt your feelings because they were sarcastic?  Please forgive me, perhaps I did it inadvertently. I now see how hurtful sarcasm is to others, how it belittles people, how it makes people feel small, how it is a wrong way to express humor that hurts.

My daughter who is 19 was with her boyfriend and they were in a discussion.  She later told me that she made several sarcastic remarks to him and he called her on them.

She said “You know Mom, our family is just that way – sarcastic.” That hurt me. I always thought I was being funny.  No so.  

As I now look back I can see that I have hurt a lot of people with my sarcasm.

I believe that when people are hurt, bitter and angry, sarcasm is a back handed way for it to be expressed.

After my daughter’s conversation with me I prayed “Lord, please forgive me of my sarcasm. I was not aware of how hurtful I have been. Heal my heart and shut my mouth every time I begin to slip back into the habit of being sarcastic.” amen.

2 thoughts on “SARCASM Hurts Others

  1. I think with close poeple a little sarcasm, that is not meant to hurt but rather bring out a funny side to things, will not hurt. It might teach us a little bit of distance towards ourselves. I think Apostle Paul was sometimes sarcastic, or straightforward to say the least, ‘You foolish Galatians.’ etc. The thing is that we might at times inardentantly step on someone’s toe… A friend of mine does not like the demunitive form of her name – just because there was some cartoon character she did not like. Of course the new poeple she meets have no idea about that, so at times she gets called ‘Betty’ (not her real name). She gets offended but those poeple have no idea that this is a sensitive area for her. The same with sarcasm I think… As long as we do not mean to put down people

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