I am NOT Going to Reject You

When You hurt me – I want to push you away. When you slander me I want to avoid you. When you criticize and bully my kids I want to hurt you back. When you are evil to me I want to run from you.

But I am not going to do any of these things.

Something so much bigger and sweeter than all your meanness has come into my life.  


Jesus lover of my soul – wrapped His arms around me and said “Fear Not, for I am with thee.”  I used to hide from those who hurt me and my family.  I wanted to shield myself from cruel people.  

Now I am so loved He can love you through me.  

Neighbor that was rude to me, I will now go out of my way to speak to you.

Relative that was so hurtful to me, I will send you a birthday card.

Church goer who betrayed my trust, I will see you again and I will hug you.  

Pastor who disrespected me, I will smile because I am free from my hurt and bitterness.

The Lover of my Soul has wrapped me in His love and I can’t get out.

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