YOU are MORE Powerful than You think You are


Gideon was just like the rest of us – insecure, unsure and questioning.  When the Lord came to him and said: 

“The Lord is with you Oh Valiant Warrior.”

Gideon was secretly threshing out wheat in a wine-press.  Gideon replies “If the Lord is with us then why is all this really bad stuff happening to us, where are the miracles?”

It didn’t make sense that God was saying He is the great provider yet their nation was being decimated by the enemy.  Want to know what God said?  

“Go in your KOACH (ko-ash)and deliver Israel!”

Koach means that wealth of God-strength within you. That supernatural ability to pull on the depth of the Holy Spirit deep within you and keep fighting. It is Gumption, Power, Strength, Might, Fortitude and Victory. 

Well as Gideon kept putting his trust in the Lord God something powerful happened. The spirit of God got all over Gideon and he went on to be one of the greatest military leaders Israel ever had.

Satan wants you to give up.

Satan is saying “If God is so big then why are you still having problems? If God is so big why are you still ill? If God is so big why are you so broken, unemployed, downtrodden and depressed?

Honey, you have got more power than you think you do – you have koach!

Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Ask Him to give you the spirit of Gideon. Ask Him to show you what a mighty man or woman of God you REALLY ARE!

Stop looking at what you CAN’T DO and start asking God to show you what YOU CAN do! 

You are a mighty warrior in Christ, now go out and win some battles!

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