Is Everything BAD of Satan?


Troubles come from one of three places – Satan, Yourself or God.  If you are a Born again Believer than you know that God can allow various trials and tribulations to come our way for the testing of our faith.  Troubles are also brought on by ourselves – what we plant we harvest.



If you have over shopped, over spent and used your money unwisely you have planted seeds of financial problems.  So many times I have heard believers say

“God is just testing me with all these difficulties.”


Then in our discussion I would see they had made many very unwise financial decisions.  No, God wasn’t testing them and Satan didn’t have to try them – they brought on their own problems! They planted seeds of foolishness and were now reaping the harvest of problems.

When Satan brings problems you can only take authority if you are a believer See post How to get to Heaven     Otherwise you are powerless to do anything against his tactics.  

Satan respects NO AUTHORITY except that which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.  As a believer you must put on the Armor of God     fast, pray and speak God’s Word over your situation until you have complete victory.  If the trial is from God then you must pray for God’s grace to get you through the difficult season knowing that it is the hand of a loving Father that has allowed this trial.  

How do you know where your trial has come from?

The only way to know is spend time in prayer and ask God.  It may take a bit of fasting & prayer but if you are sincere God will always show you.

God always has the best for His people – never mistake the hand of God for the claw of Satan.

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