You are either turning Bitter or Better

Here is what I have learned over many years of dealing with  people – You are either turning BITTER or BETTER.  My daughter recently came back from visiting an elderly relative with whom she has had a great relationship with.  Upon returning Nicky mentioned that this relative made very insensitive, snippy remarks that hurt Nicky’s feelings. This elderly lady, (as we all have) has had a lot of hurt in her life, she has become very bitter.  So many people are bitter.


When you go into a nursing home you see two types of people, the very sweet or the very mean and bitter.  You and I will become one of the two. How do you not become bitter? When you have been hurt, offended, wounded, taken advantage of – you must immediately offer up the offense to the Lord.  The Word tells us “Surely our griefs He boreour sorrows He carried.(Is.53) He has already taken all our pain and suffering, we just keep forgetting.

What happens is that when we get hurt we keep the hurt, we embrace it, we cling to it, we remember it. No more! From now on release it to the cross immediately. Each time those painful thoughts come back to you say

“This hurt is on the cross. Jesus took it for me. I refuse to cling to it any  longer. I am free from bitterness.”

You may have to do it many times throughout the day – but eventually you will find yourself smiling and realizing that the pain and bitterness is no longer there. If you are having a difficult time forgiving the person remember You Don’t Have the Power to Forgive (see post).

Are you bitter and wounded today? Here is a post to see if you are bitter

Let it go to the cross, the only place where it belongs.  The only place where there is complete healing.

2 thoughts on “You are either turning Bitter or Better

  1. Praise God and thank you for writing this. I will be using this prayer every time the enemy attacks my thoughts with my husbands past transgressions. Jesus took my burdens, Amen! I love your blog all of your post are just so powerful the prayers are so direct I feel so equipped reading all these post. Thank you for what you do!

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