How to CALM Your Mind

Anxiety – that nervous, frustrated, fearful, restless, agitated feeling.  We all get it. It is the result of our emotions dealing with all of life’s worries, fears, troubles, heartaches and difficulties – typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. When it comes it seems to catch us unawares. We begin to yell at the kids, snap at our spouse, bite our nails and often lose sleep.  The Lord tells us

“Do not be anxious about anything…” Phil. 4:6



How do we come back into peace when your fear, worry and anxiety is very real? Here is an exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime which has been very successful to bring peace in a very short amount of time. Just set aside anywhere from 5 -20 minutes. If you are anxious at work slip into the bathroom and follow this exercise. Calm your mind by taking three very slow…. deep…. breaths. Try it now.  As you take each breath you will say Breathe in God’s peace …….. breathe out fear… breathe in God’s peace ….. breathe out fear ………….

Next, very slowly you will say to yourself or out loud I……am…….kept……in ……perfect……peace……because……my…….mind… is…. stayed……on ……thee……. Say each word slowly, distinctly and deliberately as slow as possible. Try to do this at least five times or as many as time will allow. Each time you repeat it try and say it slower than the time before.

As you are saying these words you will subconsciously give all your worries over to God knowing that He alone can carry them, He alone is capable of resolving all your issues.  He alone loves you enough to see you through whatever difficulty or heartache you may be experiencing. You can do this as often as needed throughout the day.  

No longer does anxiety have to control your life – you now have the power to control it.

One thought on “How to CALM Your Mind

  1. Hi Jackie! My name is Teresa. I am writing a blog about my time and travel in Europe… but am beginning to explore writing about some of my personal challenges with anxiety and trauma. I am looking at other blogs writing about such topics to get a better feel for what and how I might want to write about it. Thanks for the tip here on anxiety. I will explore some of your other tips and tricks as well. Thanks!

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