Who Has BETRAYED You ?


Do you have a former friend who has turned against you? Do you have a relative that now won’t have anything to do with you? Do you have a son or daughter that has turned away from you? Who has broken your heart? Who has betrayed you? If you have experienced this type of pain – and who hasn’t – I am here to tell you that from this moment forth you can receive healing and hope in your situation.

In Matt. 26:45  Jesus has just finished praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas and his cohort come to arrest Jesus. Jesus turns to wake his sleeping disciples and says “The son of man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners.” Then again in verse 48 its says “Now he who was betraying Him…” referring to Judas. Jesus took all betrayals on the cross for you. He bore the pain of ultimate betrayal when his close friend Judas completely denied him, betrayed him, hurt him, accused him and turned his back on him.

Jesus could have stopped this before it started. He could have had Judas bound like a mummy with muteness. He could have had a myriad of angels rise up and defend Him and the disciples. He could have chosen to be in another town the night the plan was set forth. But for your sake and mine He didn’t. He allowed Himself to be betrayed so that you would never have to bear the weight of betrayal ever again. He took all the pain, all the heartache, all the desolation that you have been feeling. He took all that with Him to the cross so that we can walk free and full of peace. Let’s pray.

“Dear Lord, I see that you did take all betrayal on the cross for me. I thank you for that. I thank you for paying the price. These feelings of abandonment, hopelessness, despair, rejection and heartache are no longer mine to carry. They are yours. I give them to you and I choose to not take them back. They are on the cross” In Jesus name we pray. amen.

When those old feelings try to come back just remind yourself and Satan that they are already on the cross – they are no longer yours.