HARD Times

Gretta called me early that Thursday morning. “Kevin’s in jail.”  Kevin is very godly, a youth pastor and a loving husband and father.  The judge threw him in prison for contempt of court because with seven kids he was having difficulties keeping up with child support.  Though he had never been in prison before it didn’t  take him long to realize that God was doing something so much bigger than just serving a 90 day sentence.  In just a few weeks Kevin was ministering to his fellow inmates. He began to once again preach the Word.

Kevin now found a more intimate and sweeter fellowship with Christ than he had ever found before. God had allowed Kevin to suffer not for Kevin’s sake – but for the gospels.



Hard times are not for your sake – they are for a greater purpose “That we might be conformed and changed into His image.” Rom. 8:29

Most us fall into the depths of despair when we go through difficult times.

We have too many people who pity us, smother us and help us to keep feeling sorry for ourselves. We drown in self-pity – the absolute antithesis of the cross.

Oswald Chambers says “Know ye not that ye are not your own? The pierced hand of His son says ‘Enter into fellowship with me’ … If through a broken heart God can bring His purpose to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart.”

God is working in your life, yes, through hard times, that you finally get to the point that you no longer care what happens to yourself personally as long as He gets His way to bring about His kingdom in your life and all those around you.