Cain standing NAKED

There was an adulterous woman who was set in a trap by the church leaders. They were able to catch her “In the very act.” So they drag this wretched creature to church.  Perhaps she was naked.  Perhaps she was wrapped in a sheet. Can you picture her standing there completely bedraggled, humiliated, terrified and shaken?  She knows that her ultimate verdict will be a slow torturous death of stoning.  


Jesus puts His head down.  He doesn’t want to embarrass her any longer – there are enough people staring at her – the congregation, the elders, the priests.  He is the only one that puts his head down and begins to write in the dirt of the temple.  

Is there dirt in your temple? Presidential candidate  Herman Cain is now being accused of having numerous affairs. If he is wrong his sin will surely be found out. What are you repeating about him? What are you repeating about Lindsey Lohan, Ashton Kutcher, various Christian leaders? Often times we think that because someone is a public figure they are open for target practice.  They are human just like you and me.  

Yes, they like us, have all sinned and they need Christ. But instead of rehashing their sins, lets put our head down, write our own name in the dirt and pray for those who desperately need a loving Savior not another accuser.

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