I am hungry to see the wounds of abused people healed.

I am hungry to see the forsaken find a friend.

I am hungry to see the destitute belong to a loving community.



I am hungry to see bullied children accepted, loved and living strong, confident lives.

I am so hungry to let the single Moms and Dads know that everyday God is pulling for them in all the tremendous works they do.

I am hungry to see the Body of Christ in America working as one to fight evil and overcome division.



I am so hungry for each old man and woman in nursing homes to feel valued, loved and important – no matter how long they have to live.

I am hungry to see each puppy, dog  and cat in pounds across America adopted by a loving family and snuggled in blankets and toys.

I am hungry for Native Americans know how deeply grateful I am to them for giving us this beautiful land we call America – I pray all the blessings of heaven upon them for they deserve it.

I am hungry to see every depressed and suicidal person find healing, hope and freedom in Christ.

I am hungry for War Veterans to know how deeply appreciative America is to each of them.

I am hungry to see each Vet loved, provided for, healed and comforted.

I am hungry for abused children to be in a safe, loving home.

I am hungry for teachers, principles and aids to once again find hope, courage and the love of teaching.



I am hungry for America to get back on its knees to seek God, to cry out in repentance, to desire to once again be a Godly nation.

I am hungry for the world – I long to see the world know about my powerful, loving Savior who alone can heal, protect, encourage, strengthen and love all those who need a caring Father.

I am so hungry for families to once again pray together, turn off the TV and spend time together.

I am hungry for Abortion Doctors to hear the tiny heartbeat of God, put their instruments down and walk away.


I am hungry for true fellowship among Christians – that we can love, forgive, bear with one another, grow through our mistakes and find the fellowship the first disciples had.

I am hungry for Christ’s return where hate, prejudice, evil and sin will be smothered by the power, love and beauty of Christ’s love.

What is your hunger?

2 thoughts on “HUNGRY

  1. Beautiful desires in your heart this day. There would be Peace on Earth both collectively and individually if all your desires become reality. Thank you for sharing in such an eloquent way your longings. That you for really reminding us what matters.

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