Turn on the Light

If you are a believer Christ says that another name for  you is “Light” – “light of the world” to be specific.  Many times I think my light switch is broken. I get tired, discouraged, irritated, agitated, lonely, grumpy, confused.

Yet Jesus doesn’t take away my name, I am still a light.  He believes in us so much more than we believe in ourselves.


When you feel discouraged, forsaken, heartbroken, alone or destitute – light a candle. When you long to be that witness, that hope and that light in a dark world yet you feel that your candle is extinguished – Light a candle.  Sit by it quietly. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that this warm, radiating light is who Christ is to the world. As the tranquility envelopes you remind yourself that you too are a light.

Be still.  Feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit filling you, warming you. Say no words, take the light in front of you and ask the Lord to once again fill you with His peace, His love, His stillness. You are wrapped in the Saviors love.

Your light hasn’t extinguished – it only needed a gentle trimming of the wick that it might shine ever more brightly.

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