GOD is Speaking to YOU

Ever feel that you can’t hear God’s voice? Ever feel that you are out of touch with what God wants from you? Ever feel that others enjoy the privilege of knowing God’s direction but you are left floundering?

Beloved friend God is speaking to you. God is always reaching out to us, revealing Himself. He longs for each of us to come to know Him personally, intimately – as  a mother knows her own child.

“Then why can’t I understand what God is trying to say to me?” you ask.

God’s voice is not easy to hear. God is holy. We are unholy. Can you mix oil and water, darkness and light, life and death? First step is a full and unbridled commitment to Christ – see post: How to get to Heaven. Until you give your heart to Christ you will only see God in shadows and hear His voice in echo’s.

When you have committed your life to Christ there is one crucial element to hearing the voice of God –  TIME.  No one clearly hears the voice of God without having put the TIME into sitting at the feet of Jesus and simply waiting to hear His voice. This year has been difficult for me and my family. It seemed we went from one struggle to another without time to catch our breath. Yesterday I found myself angry, bitter, frustrated and confused with God. What was God doing and saying in all this pain, suffering and adversity? I needed to hear from God. For an hour and a half  I simply sat and waited to hear the voice of God in the matter.

At one point I turned on quiet instrumental music. I waited – God spoke. Once again God confirmed that He was still on the throne of our lives and that He was overseeing all that we were going through – good and bad.  I once again found my peace. 


There have been times I have been so desperate to hear God’s voice that I sat and waited for over 7 hours. Hungry people get fed. Anytime I put the time, effort and energy into hearing God’s voice He has never failed me. This does not mean He answers all my questions with specific answers – sometimes it’s just the assurance that He sees, He cares and He knows – with this answer I have learned to be satisfied.

Isaiah 30:21 says “Your ears will hear a word behind you ‘This is the way walk in it’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left.”

This is referring to the way God longs for each of us to know and hear from God, as though He were right behind you, speaking to you, directing you, instructing you – because He is.

He is only waiting for you to be still enough to hear His voice. 

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