Baby Jesus is Still Hiding

Three educated, brilliant, talented men couldn’t find a small child.  An intelligent, cunning King and all his militia couldn’t find Him either. For millennia people searched, hoped and prayed that they too might find Him – yet to no avail. Where was He?

Baby Jesus hides Himself. He is not easy to find.Why was he born in a faraway stable – isolated, lonely, forsaken, a place that only animals would tread? Because the most precious things of God are so valuable they must be found by only earnest seekers.



For those of us feeling tired, disappointed, discouraged, disparaging, hopeless and forsaken it’s time to start looking again. Perhaps it was so easy to see and find the one we searched for early on. He revealed Himself a little more that He might be found of us. Time passed, life passed, hurts passed, heartaches passed. Where did He go? Where is His presence? Where is the warm, beautiful baby smell?

Once again I find myself searching for Him as in the early days. The days of hunger and passion, longing and searching. The hunger of needing God as long ago.

Is He hiding again? I cannot find Him.

I awaken early. I sit under the stars. I wait for Him, I watch for Him, I long for Him. There is my beloved in whom my soul loves! There He is – here in the midst of my brokenness. He was hiding.  The most precious of treasures must be hidden for only those truly seeking will find such great gifts of beauty.

Where He hides from you is secret. It is up to you to once again find your beloved.

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