Only Women Have BABIES

Thomas Beatie, the female-to-male transgender has garnered much attention with her third pregnancy. Thomas – born Tracy Lagondino –  had sex-reassignment surgery in 2002 and legally changed from female to male in Hawaii.


What does God say about all this? Our opinions really don’t matter – it is God’s mind that matters. In the end only He will be our judge.  In the end it is He we will all stand in front of and give account of our lives to. Mark 10:6 tells us “From the beginning of creation God made them male and female.”

We are each born with only one gender – male or female. This is different from the rare probability of being born intersex –  where babies are born without the “standard” male or female body parts.  Because God has created us as either a male or female it is sin to attempt to change one’s gender – physically, psychologically or otherwise. No matter how many procedures or operations a person has to change their gender – in the eyes of God – it will never change.  

If you were born a male – you will always live and die a male.

If you were born a female you will live and die a female.

This is why homosexuality is so disturbing to God – the roles of male and female are reversed, skewed and perverted. Tracy Lagondino is a female – not a male. Regardless of how many operations she has – she can never undo the hand of God – she was born a female and will die a female.

God is not a confusing God


He is clear. His word is clear. Tracy may have hormones injected into her that cause her to sprout a beard, bodily hair and a deep voice – but she is all female.

Tracy needs our prayers.

She needs inner healing. She needs to know that she is loved deeply by God.  

She is His little lost sheep – confused, astray and disturbed. Yes, Tracy is pregnant because God created her as a female. Inside and out.

This is why she is pregnant.

One thought on “Only Women Have BABIES

  1. Many gays and transgenders were sexually abused as children high percentage there is a great site by an ex transgender called sex change regret also walt heyer and his story of male to female and back again after finding Christ

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