Let Satan Provoke You to Do Good

We are in a daily battle. We battle for peace of mind, for strength, for faith, for courage, for all the promises God has given us. Satan is fighting us to keep us beat down, insecure, unsure, hopeless, fearful and immobile. Satan’s goal is to slowly destroy you.



His tactics are limitless. He works through others, he torments our minds, he puts wrong thoughts in our head, he puts temptations before us and he gives us demonic, fear filled dreams. I have found a counter attack that is very powerful – let Satan provoke you to do good. Each time he attacks in one way you then choose to attack back in an even stronger way.  Here is an example: The other night I had a very upsetting dream that our mortgage that we are refinancing ended up costing us $10,000.00 more than the bank had committed to. It was very upsetting and disturbing.  As soon as I awoke I realized that Satan was trying to put fear on me. Satan knows that fear hinders faith. If he can get you afraid he will weaken your walk. I immediately said “Satan this dream was not of God.  You to try to put fear on me.  Therefore I will now begin to pray for prisoners.”

Do you know that all those fear thoughts just left my mind? You see Satan hated that I counter attacked with praying for those who are truly suffering and under his bondage. I have used this tactic each time I feel that Satan is working overtime to upset my mind with wrong thoughts, negative thoughts, hurtful thoughts or anything that is counter to God’s word.

As soon as I am being attacked I say “Satan, thank you for reminding me that I now need to pray for those who are truly hurting.”  I cannot tell you how many times I have had tormenting thoughts stop when I began to use this tactic.

The next time you have negative, tormenting, fear-filled or any bad thoughts about others – stop, begin to pray for someone who is in the bondages of Satan, ie. Satanists, prisoners, criminals, prostitutes, etc.  You will have dropped an atom bomb on Satan’s territory.

We can’t stop Satan from attacking – but we can turn it around for something much more powerful that he has put on us.

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