Things that SATAN enjoys

Every time we complain there is a pleasant smile that crosses Satan’s face. Complaining tells the world that you are dissatisfied with God’s provision. Complaining says “God is not meeting my needs.” Seriously, if you want to make Satan’s day just keep complaining about your job, your kids, your spouse, your health, your financial problems and where you live – you will have done more for Satan’s realm than 10 Satanists at a local rally.


Satan enjoys hearing Christians criticize each other – saves him much time and effort.  Unity is the one thing that holds any kingdom together – whether it’s God’s or Satan’s. When believers judge and criticize each other they are doing Satan’s work for him. They quickly tear down years of work that the Lord has labored over. Keep finding fault with one another and soon Satan’s domain will rule and reign just as in North Korea, Sudan and China.

Always be sure to talk behind one another’s back instead of doing things the way the bible tells us to – honestly, openly and in love. Keep up the backbiting about your church, its leadership and those in your community – it won’t be long before Satan’s hate, division and greed will set up camp. By the way, at the end of your days you will get a big “thank you” from Satan himself.

Bringing a smile to Satan’s face is easy when you are as greedy as your neighbor. Latest technology, latest car, latest clothes and latest everything – Oh how he loves it! We’ve been fed the lie – “God wants us blessed so let’s live like Sodom and Gomorrah! We are God’s people! Let’s live it up!” Why should we “deny ourselves” when the rest of the Christians are living like there’s no tomorrow? Come on give Satan something to smile about – look around, compare yourself to what others have and keep seeking all those material possessions. Now you’re really getting Satan in a good mood.


Now, keep up the perversion. Look, if you can’t have an open affair at least lust in your heart. You know what I mean. Satan loves when you’re watching a dirty movie and you just sit there and take it all in – even though you get a ting of conviction. Don’t worry, after a while the Holy Spirit gives you over to yourself and you get used to watching filth, nudity, sexuality and perversion.

Satan loves it when perverted thoughts come to your brain that he planted there and you allow your mind to play with them. Making Satan smile isn’t that difficult when you enjoy what he hands you. Even if you are perusing perverted People Magazine – that’s okay too, there’s enough in there to give you ugly thoughts for a week.


I’d have to say that Satan finds much pleasure when believers can spend more time in front of the TV or the internet than in prayer and God’s Word. This one is easy because in America we have so many distractions. “Hey, God understands, I’m busy!” Just let Satan keep feeding you those lies and when difficulties, problems and heartaches come you won’t know how to stand, how to resist or how to find the victory. Now Satan can take a vacation from you because you love your internet more than the Word of God. You love your television shows more than prayer. But hey! I’m just an American living the American way!

So remember, Satan wants to enjoy his life too! Won’t you be the one to help him along?

2 thoughts on “Things that SATAN enjoys

  1. . Keep finding fault with one another and soon Satan’s domain will rule and rain just as in North Korea, Sudan and China. The word reign is the correct word here.

    Oh how we love it! I think it should be, “Oh! How how he loves it! Or, “Oh, how he loves it.”

    Please do not take this as a complaint towards your post, but as a person who notices things like this and is trying to help.

    Good post I will be sharing.

    If you go to my site and you see errors then let me know. My site is to be a raw form of reading. This is show people I am real and not a fake person. I want people to know I can relate to their issues.

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