Public Displays of Affection Are Often Lies

Seal and Heidi Klum were the ultimate couple in PDA – constant smooching, ever giggling, non-stop pawing – now filing for divorce. We live in a society that is no longer private. We want to know what happens behind the bedroom doors. “Please bare all, tell all” the world tells celebrities. Seal and Heidi seemed the perfect couple – beautiful, dazzling, Vanity Fair Oscar Parties, Grammys, lots of lush red carpet, plus four children – a dream marriage.

But when a couple has to demonstrate openly that they really, truly, bet your bottom dollar, are in love – something isn’t right. Such was the case with Seal and Heidi – trying to hide the truth that in fact their marriage was dying.  Most of us bought into the lie. I know that I did. 


Micah 6:8 tells us “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly , to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”  

The word “humbly” is also interpreted as “modestly.” PDA’s are not modesty. PDA’s tell the world that you are willing to flaunt publicly what should be done privately. God doesn’t like public displays of affection even if the couple is married. If God doesn’t like something do you really think that He will bless it? No, God wasn’t behind the breakup of Seal and Heidi for His word tells us plainly that God hates divorce. Yet there is a big difference between a couple who lives under the guidelines and blessings of God and those who do not – divorce is often the result.

In a society that says “Tell all and show all” – modesty seems to have died. Not so. Many Christian couples still believe that more that a peck on the lips or cheek should be left for the bedroom. They still believe that what God began as holy should stay holy. The quiet hand holding and arm around the shoulder have not died – they have only been obscured by the loud flaunting of the world’s PDA.

Children need adult examples to show that intimacy and sex should be left for the bedroom. They are loosing their purity much too quickly because adults teach them that there are no longer boundaries to sexual activities.

Let’s resurrect modesty. Let us remind the world that strong, powerful, vibrant love doesn’t have to be flaunted for the world to see but sheltered and protected for only the eyes of two lovers. No, modesty is not dead, it just needs to be restrengthened, reignited and revitalized – once again.

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