Know Your Stress Level For a Fuller Life

Right now, what’s your stress level?

Number one being the least amount and 5 the greatest level of stress what would you say your level is? It’s important to periodically check throughout the day and ask yourself where you are at. Your goal is to always operate at a number 1 or 2.



When you get in the habit of monitoring your stress level you can then proceed to bring your stress level down to where it needs to be. See post How to Calm Your Mind– this gives you a quick 5-10 minute remedy to calm and relax your mind no matter where you are.

Jesus said “Each day has enough problems and cares of its own”

This is so true because each day presents its own situations, circumstances and challenges. None of us really knows how each day will unravel. Therefore it’s critical for you to be able to have a good grip of being in tune to your stress level throughout the day. Every one to two hours just stop for a moment and ask yourself “What stress level am I at right now?” If you are anywhere higher than a 2 take the few minutes to bring yourself back down to a 1. 

Take several deep breaths…. right now….slow down your heart rate…… all is well…… God is in control. Keep taking long, deep breaths until you feel the tension leaving. Continue to say these same words until you feel complete peace. You can do this anytime….. any where.

Happy people are those who know how to handle stress.

Not that they won’t have any – just that they know how to handle it better.

Those who handle stress better have healthier marriages, better overall relationships, better parenting skills and live a fuller life. Do you feel that areas of your life are hurting due to stress?

Use this simple technique and begin to read your stress levels on a regular basis. Life is too short to live a life filled with anxiety and tension – take back your life……one….. slow ……. breath….at ….a….time.

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