Piercing Satan’s Ear

I used to live out in the country. I used to ride my bike by myself for up to 30 miles a day. There were many large, aggressive dogs that lived in our remote back woods. Michael, my husband, bought me a buzzer which had a high, piercing sound which would cause a dog pain in his ear when I would hit the button. Although the pitch was too high for human ears to hear, it upset a dog if he came too near me. I attached it to my bike and used it for many years.  It brought a tremendous sense of comfort to me.


Several people had been attacked or bitten by dogs in the same area that I often rode. God was so good to me, I never was bitten – chased, but never bitten.

 Believers have something in the spiritual realm that gives us supernatural protection also – the blood of Christ.  The blood of Christ is the most powerful protective force that a believer can have. The blood of Christ is the one force that puts fear on Satan because he cannot touch it.

From the beginning of time God required a blood sacrifice for man to get right with God. When Jesus went to the cross He paid the price for all time for the forgiveness of all sins – through His precious, innocent, perfect blood. There is great power in the blood of Christ. When that first drop of blood spilled from His precious body the price was being paid for the redemption of all mankind. When Jesus said “It is finished” the powers of hell were broken and Satan and his cohorts were disarmed. It was all because of the blood. That is why there is so much power in the blood.

One of the most powerful things a believer can do is put everything they have under the blood. There is protection when you put on the Armor of God daily. There is great power when you daily cover your cars, your appliances, your home, your family and your finances under the blood. They are protected by the avenging work that was done on the cross.

SATAN HATES THE BLOOD OF JESUS.  It is the one thing that he has no power over.

A woman who had formerly been a practicing witch said that when she and her coven would have chants and incantations against children there was only one group that they had no power over – those covered under the blood of Jesus.  


Many years ago Satan appeared to me in a dream. He began to torment me with pictures made of fire. He was trying to overwhelm me with fear about the future and all the horrible things he was going to do to me. I prayed, I rebuked him, I stood against him. He kept accusing. But when I said “The blood of Jesus” he stepped back in fear. Each time that I said “the blood” he became terrified  and shrunk back in fear.

It only takes a minute each day to cover all that you have under the blood of Christ. Parents, cover your children and all your family under the blood. You will find a great peace knowing that it is the power of God protecting you and all that you have. It will be like a “Bike buzzer” in the ear of Satan, painful  and disturbing, making him run from you – instead of to you.

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