Overcoming Jezebel – Those Who Control Us (Part 1)

What does it mean when someone says “She has a Spirit of Jezebel?” Jezebel was the very wicked, idolatrous, controlling, murderous queen of Israel.  She is best known for demanding control over others.  Her character was so strong and controlling of others that she thought nothing of murdering anyone who did not submit to her will.  So when we speak of  ‘The spirit of Jezebel’ we are actually referring to the demon of control that operated in Jezebel.


You can recognize  the Spirit of Jezebel by several characteristics. These people are often considered ‘Control Freaks’. They are demanding, insistent, angry when confronted and often can turn hateful.  Those with a spirit of Jezebel seldom realize how difficult they are to get alone with.  It is usually ‘Their way or the highway’. Those with this spirit often bully and intimidate those around them to get their way. 

Can a Christian have a Spirit of Jezebel? Absolutely. When I was pastoring an Assemblies of God church I had a spirit of Jezebel on me. Everything had to be done my way. It was all about my ideas, my plans, my thoughts. I found it very difficult to trust others to do anything. I always felt I would be the best person to get the job done. When things didn’t go my way I  could be nasty, rude and intimidating. Those poor people who attended our church!

Then one night I had a dream. I saw myself in a chair and two of my assistants were standing over me talking. I heard them say “She has a spirit of Jezebel on her.” Immediately I awoke. I was mortified. I took authority over that demon and commanded it to leave in Jesus name. I didn’t change overnight. Yet day by day I began to be more aware each time I wanted to control a situation or person. I would now do everything in the power of God to control that “Urge to control.” It took a while, but in time Jezebel no longer had control over me.


Recognition is the first step in dealing and overcoming Jezebel. Do you always have an urge to control others? Perhaps you have a friend or relative who always has to have their way. Perhaps you have someone in school or work that bullies, intimidates or torments you. Begin to take authority over that situation.

Each day say out loud “Jezebel, I recognize you. You have tormented me long enough. You no longer have power over me. Your powers were broken at the cross in Jesus name. Today I claim I am free from you in Jesus name.” Say this daily.  This will be your first step to freedom.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Jezebel – Those Who Control Us (Part 1)

  1. What if your dealing with a combination of spirit and damage, from years of rejecting the holyspirit ? With my belief being child abuse and or neglect? Placed into the subconscious orchestrates our pathological nature , where this is a combination , can we pray heaaling of spirit and mind for another who isn’t a believer and doesn’t have wisdom in biblical or human behavior?

    • Good question. I have prayed healing for others who weren’t believers but have seen little results. Why? I truly believe that person must first desire change. Salvation means we die to our old selves, pick up our cross and follow after Christ. Those who are unsaved are often not yet in the position to let go of the past – including their wounds. Yet, we can Fast and Pray (see all my posts) on a regular basis for them. Over the years I have seen the greatest results from this.

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