3:33 – God Speaks at Midnight

“At MIDNIGHT I rise to thank You for your righteous laws.” Ps. 119:62   


As I write these words it is dark outside, it is not yet 4:00 a.m. . As has happened so many nights before, I was in a deep sleep and then awoke instantly, when I looked at the clock it was 3:33.  This has happened so often that I now know without a shadow of doubt that God is getting me up. Over and over I arise at that exact, same time.

One time I awoke and just laid in bed. I kept thinking “I will lay here for a while, that way if God is really speaking then it would have to be miraculous for me to get out of bed, walk around to the other side and see what time it is (that is the only way I can actually see the clock) .  So I continued to lay in bed for some time. When I figured enough minutes had passed I got up and walked over to the clock, it was 3:33.  I was stunned. God really was speaking to me. It felt supernatural.  Then I knew – God does get us up at midnight and He does want us to spend time with Him.

What is significant about the number 3?  The number three is always representative of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When the clock glows 3:33 it is God’s obvious way to say “Jackie, it’s me. I need you to pray now. I want you to spend time with me.” There could not be a more obvious way for God to get a point across.

In the above psalm the writer is saying that he too was awakened by God. This was his time to speak with God and give Him praise. It is a precious, holy time of quiet reverence and uninterrupted silence. There is great power in seeking God’s face during the night hours. While the world sleeps we seek God. While the world rests we cry out to God. While the world is silent, I am before my Father’s feet adoring Him. It is beautiful.

Have you been getting up during the night? Have you been restless? Do you have the weight of the world on your mind? Has your mind been agitated? It may be that God is calling you.

He wants you to use this time to seek Him, cry out to Him, spend time with Him. Sometimes God has to get our attention at midnight. Sometimes life is so busy it is difficult to hear God’s voice. When God awakens us at midnight, it is a precious thing. He is calling His beloved.

Stop fretting about loss of sleep – your Beloved needs to spend time with you.

Whenever you see 3:33 it is God’s way of telling you He loves you deeply and that He has your life in His hands. Be at peace.

The numbers 7 and 8 are also very powerful. Number 7 means God’s completion. All creation was finished in 7 days. It is God’s perfect number. The number 8 means new beginnings. The 8th day of creation was the start of a new day. Any time I encounter these numbers I always feel God is speaking to me. The house we moved into when I was a teenager was 8 Sovereign Lane. This is the house that our entire family found Christ. It was a new beginning for all of us.

4 thoughts on “3:33 – God Speaks at Midnight

  1. I was born on 03-03-61… I was orphaned at 2 yrs old but on the my 3rd birthday on 03-03 the LORD gave me a family. I have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters. I was 33 yrs old when I died and came back to life when I was delivering my 3rd daughter. I too have been awakened many times at 3:33 a.m. GOD is giving me a message either with scripture or a dream. One night…I believe it was 02-11-14, I was awakened at 3:37 a.m and the time I was given was scripture Matthew 3:3-7 and Luke 3:3-7….almost identical scripture of repentance…Earlier that night the LORD spoke to me through the Holy Spirit…saying “Help bring my children home”.

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