Counselor Jesus

My daughter Alex was anorexic and had been through the eating disorder treatment program at Remuda 

It was now several months later and she was continuing to struggle with post anorexia – trying to live a normal life and learn how to make healthy food choices. It was like trying to tell a recovering drug addict to stay away from the very drug that anesthetized her pain.  Life was not easy for her or for her Dad and I.

Food, or rather, the lack of her eating it, was an exhausting, never-ending battle. She had lost a considerable amount of weight since leaving the treatment program. She had been given a  food plan yet was not adhering to it. She was really having a very difficult time. She kept refusing, questioning and challenging the food plan. It was a horrible stress. She continually cried with the aggravation of having to do something she really wasn’t comfortable doing – eating food.

One November afternoon if became unbearable. Michael and I were discussing with Alex why it was important for her to follow through with the food plan. Once again she was frustrated with us and the program. She felt we were the bad guys because we should just “accept her for who she is” and not try to continually get her to eat food. She was trying to reason with us to see that we were in fact the ones at fault.

I said “Alex, you believe in what you’re saying and your Dad and I believe in what we are saying. We need counselor Jesus to step in and tell us what to do.”


“See the chair?” I continued. “Picture Jesus walking in, He’s wearing a plaid shirt, rumpled pants, he has a beard. Now He’s sitting down, smiling and calm. What is He saying to you Alex?”

After a bit of silence she responded “He is saying ‘ Trust Me.’

It was amazing. After that she settled down, relaxed and ate her dinner. We had our first major breakthrough.

Do you need wisdom and guidance in a particular area of your life? Jesus is a counselor. He has all wisdom and knowledge. Picture Him in your kitchen. He is sitting at your table. You can ask Him anything. He is never judgmental, harsh or intimidating. He never makes fun of you. Now, just sit quietly and as you ask Him for wisdom in your situation, relax. He smiles at you. What is He saying? What advise is He giving you? How does He want you to handle that situation?

God wants to help you in whatever you are going through. He has all the answers. He knows all. He is not a million miles away. He is right there, close to you. He is your counselor. He is just waiting for you – to come to Him.

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