What to Do When Suicidal

DCF 1.0Suicide is not God’s will for you.  God’s will is for you to live. God’s will is for you to get past this horrible thing that you are going through and become a great and mighty man or woman of God. God never intended for things to be so difficult for you, so painful, so horrible. God’s will is for you to have a life with peace and hope. When life and people came at you and painful things began to happen it was not God’s will.  

God wants you to rise above what you are going through and know that God has a wonderful plan for your life. 

You are an amazing person. There is no one else like you. On this entire planet you are the only one such as yourself. You are a miracle that can never be repeated. God created you with an amazing plan in mind. If you commit suicide you will never see that plan fulfilled. You will never see all the amazing things that God has for you. You will never be able to change all the lives that God wants you to touch.

Satan wants you to take your life. Satan wants to destroy you. Satan hates you. If you commit suicide you will have fulfilled Satan’s plans – not God’s.

Right now say this out loud: “I am a valuable person. God has a plan for me. I am a miracle that can never be repeated. I resist this demonic desire to kill myself. I choose life not death. I choose hope not despair. I choose purpose and power. In Jesus name I resist you Satan. I will live. I will fight. With God’s help I will overcome. I will be all that God has purposed for me to be. I am more than a conqueror. I love myself and I now release God’s powerful love to fill me, envelop me and overtake me.” (continue to say this out loud several times a day. Print it out and carry it with you. Memorize it. Say it all the time until you believe it.)

“Heavenly Father, I rebuke the feeling of suicide that is tormenting my friend. I will not allow those wrong thoughts to permeate their mind. Satan the plans that you have set out against my friend are broken at the cross in the name of Jesus. I now speak hope, power, strength, purpose and might into their heart, mind and soul. Let them physically feel your love and power today. Send angels to minister to them. Send them a friend they can talk to. Let them know that things are going to get better. Let them know how valuable they are.” In Jesus name. amen

Right now, I am praying for you. My prayer team is praying for you. Contact us. Let us help you. You are deeply loved. We are pulling for you.

I encourage you to read all my posts on The Armor of God https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/armor-of-god/page/4/

7 thoughts on “What to Do When Suicidal

  1. I want to know why god keeps turning his back on me. I keep praying and praying and nothing. Yet i forgave my .cheating husband for what he’s done and yet he makes me feel unwanted he pushes me alway

    • Lupe, there comes a time in all of our lives when we must move on. This doesn’t mean that eventually your prayers won’t be answered, it just means it’s now time for you to find your Divine Destiny apart from your husband.

  2. I need to feel Gods love if he still cares for me, I just want to end everything there is no point to life anymore, I’m a bad person that the world would be better off without my church are shunning me an my family and banned us from church for last two months, my pastor jez has told everyone to have nuffin to do with me, I have begged mercy grace and forgiveness but he won’t give me any he claims there’s no repentance yet I have loads of times I can’t live being shunned and treated has tax collector I’m so down I even got a tattoo done that says tax collector on my arm yet I hate tattoos an had never had one before I sent pastor message saying I was gonna get one done but he didn’t care I enclose letter senrt to whole church about me….

    • Beloved Jenny, I do not know what all happened with your church situation but I do know that you are deeply hurting. I want you to know that you are deeply loved by your heavenly Father. I would encourage you to find a bible study or a small group of believers that you can fellowship with. You need to feel loved, valued and cared for. Sometimes we have to keep searching for a long time to find a group of people we can fit in with. I want you to put on the Armor of God each and every day out loud https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/armor-of-god/page/4/
      I am standing with you in love and prayer.

  3. Please pray for me I am guilty of an adulterous affair. My girlfriend told me today she needs to take the summer off. She is under the yoke of conviction. I know she will not return to me and I am in serious agony as we have fought about this for weeks. I need healing and i know that it’s wrong to take my life. I have had thoughts of this and I need prayer. I have prayed to break the demon that holds my affection for this lady. i am having a hard time saying goodbye but I know we must part for forgiveness and healing. I just don’t like being alone. Pray for me.

  4. It’s been a difficult life since childhood. My younger brother has said to me that I’m one of the strongest people he knows. I don’t feel that way. Our mother is making me sick and at the end of a horrible divorce with 2 girls. Now they are over 18. No more visitation schedule. I took unusually cruel punishment from their father, he has humiliated me in public countless times. And now my mother says I never wanted my children and she’s going to take it to her grave . So I don’t want to be around someone who perceives you to be bad in some way. And now my girls are hurting more because after 20 years of pulling and tugging on the girls my mother has invited my daughters on Easter. How could my mother do this and why. So now three households are tugging and pulling on the girls. I’m hurt but this affects them even more. Lord help

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