Anxiety, Weight Gain and Estrogen

Have you been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully? Have you cut back on red meats, sugar and fats and replaced those with chicken? Do you often feel frustrated, irritated, sluggish, tired, nervous or agitated? You may be in the Estrogen Cycle of weight gain. Both men and women have estrogen in their bodies. It is a naturally occurring hormone. Estrogen is directly tied to our emotions. When it is elevated it can cause anxiety, nervousness, agitation and weight gain


Studies have found that women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men. Compound this with peri-menopause and menopause and it often brings about a very frustrated, anxious, over-weight woman. This can often lead to depression

There are now many ways that estrogen is causing our bodies to be estrogen over-loaded. Chickens, turkeys, lamb, beef and pork are fed estrogen in their diet so that they gain weight quickly and become ready for market sooner. This estrogen doesn’t leave the animal’s body when they are in your grocer. You may think you are eating a healthy meal with that chicken breast you just bought – but you are also getting a good dose of estrogen into your system.

Have you noticed how many young boys now have breasts? 40 years ago it was unheard of. Much of this is the estrogen in fast foods such as Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets. The estrogen is now causing a generation of young boys to have man-boobs, obesity and overall serious health issues. It is causing premature onset of puberty in very young girls. 

What foods should you avoid  to stop the weight gain and rising anxiety levels? Avoid ALL meat that is not organic and hormone free. Avoid as much sugar and yeast as possible as these cause estrogen imbalance. For bread I ONLY eat Ezekiel Bread and nothing else. It is not made of wheat flour – but of wheat sprouts. Before I discovered Ezekiel Bread I always ate whole wheat products. My ankles were always puffy – I  had “CANKELS.” No matter how much weight I lost or how much I exercised my ankles would never reduce in size. Since I have been solely on Ezekiel Bread my ankles are now much thinner and there is no puffiness.


Other foods to avoid to rid yourself of the poison of Estrogen Overload? Alcohol – it promotes estrogen in your body – particularly beer. The hops in beer is loaded with estrogen. All dairy products that are non-organic should be avoided as they also contain estrogen and prolactin hormones that can directly affect your thyroid. All non-organic fruits and vegetables should also be avoided since these contain pesticides which mimic natural hormones.

When you have to use non-organic always peel the skin or wash the fruit vigorously. Licorice and clove are very estrogenic and should be avoided when possible.

Avoid food or water that is packed in plastic. Tap water can contain estrogen as people flush their medications down the drain or toilet and it gets into our drinking water.

Finally, all SOY PRODUCTS are very high in estrogen. Many people drink soy milk or use soy cheese and find that they are having tender breasts and weight gain. All the estrogen in the Soy Products is causing much swelling, tenderness and weight gain. Also avoid soy cooking oils. Other cooking oils to avoid are CANOLA, SAFFLOWER and CORN. Fish oil should be use in moderation as well and should ideally come from food.


It may take some planning and re-evaluation to get off all the high estrogen foods – but soon you will reclaim your weight, your peace of mind and your emotional stability. You will soon find it was well worth the effort. 

3 thoughts on “Anxiety, Weight Gain and Estrogen

  1. I agree 100% with the writter. I am 99% vegan since March. I was very happy with the diet. I was loosing waight untill one month ago. I started useing organic soy milk (about one cup every day for my smoothers). I gained at least one size. I didnt not change anything else in my diet. All the time I was eating very healthy. I eat Lots of vegetables, and almost no process food (sometimes pasta – i know its not vegan).

  2. I know that soy is very high in estrogen, but what about the Ezekiel bread? I have read on the ingredients that it contains soy beans. So isn’t this bad for you or is it different? I am estrogen dominant so what bread can I eat? Please help!

    • Ruth Ann, organic soy is listed as the 5th ingredient in Ezekiel bread. If you are only having about one slice a day I really don’t think that such a minuscule amount is going to effect your estrogen levels. This product had changed my life. I no longer have swelling and my “cankels” are gone. Most importantly remember “Moderation is all things.”

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