Do You Look Forward to the Future?

file0002129665280When we have suffered the loss of a loved one, have been hurt or disappointed, are in the grieving process or have struggled with rejection – we often don’t feel that we have a future. It seems there is no longer anything to look forward to. The future seems pointless, purposeless and empty. Do you ever feel this way? If I were to ask you what you feel about your future what would you say?

God  wants us moving into the FUTURE – Satan wants us living in the PAST. God wants us to have HOPE – Satan wants us to have despair. God wants to give us energy, vitality and courage to move forward – Satan wants us stuck in the past. God has new plans for us – Satan wants us to play the same old broken record of regret, despair and hurt.

This last year I was trying to be positive and move into the future. I was praying, fasting and trying to find what God has for me. Yet no matter how hard I tried to move forward I kept thinking about my past – past hurts, past mistakes, past regrets. As a parent I would often replay the times I was harsh to my daughters. I began to think of myself as a terrible parent. I would push bad memories out of my mind but they kept popping up, day after day.

Then my 20-year-old daughter came for a visit. I had been praying that it would be a healing visit for all of us. One afternoon she asked me to sit down and watch old family videos. We sat laughing together as we watched the girls antics when they were young. Then a Christmas scene came on. My daughter Nicky received a hair bow in her stocking. I tenderly took the bow and placed it on her head.


Very softly I said “Nicky, you will look so pretty when you wear this in your hair. It will make you look special.”

I thought “That’s ME?”

I was actually a nice, soft-spoken, tender mom?” I was incredulous. I had personified myself as a witch. Satan had duped me once again! The memory that he played over and over in my mind was NOT TRUE! Sure I was mean at times – but not always! Sure I was harsh every so often – but not ALL THE TIME! I sat in front of the screen stunned. Then something amazing happened – it was as if I suddenly was released from my past. The past was over. The past was dead. Today, right now, tomorrow – these are all that I could see.

Then it became clear – I could not move into the FUTURE until God healed my PAST.  God used an old family movie to show me that my memories were distorted. I saw a picture in my mind: I was on a balcony wanting to move into a building (my future) – yet my hand was clenched onto the railing (my past). Jesus was in the room pulling one hand to get me to come in – but there was a tug of war because my other hand stayed clenched to the balcony. I couldn’t let go. I was stuck without a future and yet could not live in the past. This had robbed me of my joy. This had robbed me of my hope.

You may have past regrets, mistakes, memories or experiences that is “pulling” you back. God wants to heal you and pull you into your future. Yes, God does have a future for you – and it is much more wonderful than you or I could imagine. Ask the Lord today to heal your past – see Post Balm of Gilead that there would no longer be a tug of war between your past and the future.

“Lord, I pray for your beloved. You know how much they have longed to move into the future. They want to believe that there is a future, a hope, a joy. Heal each memory, each distorted thought, each hurt and wound. I now release my friend into the future. I release them in Jesus name into the hope, the power and the joy of what you have in store for them. SATAN – get your hands off their memories NOW! Your powers were broken at the cross 2000 years ago. I command that you release them and their mind in Jesus name.”

Now friend, I want you to smile – because your future is beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Do You Look Forward to the Future?

  1. Thank God for you and this webpage. I had just shook off a bad memory of my Daughter and I just before I moved down South. I have these memories often about past hurts; some done to me and others I’ve done. I can shake them, but I can’t seeemto keep them from coming. This webpage was the first one that came up with my question, “why does satan bring up past hurts?” I will put it in my Favorites to reference now for those times that he might try once again to steal my home and my joy. I will also pass it on to those I know of going through the same thing. May God bless and keep you for you a doing a very important work.
    Carol Johnson

    1. Carol, thank you for writing. We have all struggled with troubling thoughts of the past. Satan knows exactly what it takes to torment our minds – and it works – but God has given us the tools to expose and fight his tactics. I am praying for you. I truly appreciate you sharing this site with others. May God richly bless you!

  2. Jackie,
    Nice post! You are right that Satan plays a continuous tape in our minds; reminding us of our failures and trying to convince us we are worthless. But Jesus knows differently. He knows that His Father’s hand has made us and that we have already been forgiven. But instead of wanting to go out and sin again, we want to return His love by being obedient. It gets easier and easier and Satan’s voice becomes a distant past when we listen for our shepherd’s voice and move towards the light.
    Thanks for the post and reminder that it is our future that God cares about–not our past.

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