What it’s like When Children Die

Last night I had a dream.


I opened up my living room window. I saw a line of about 10 children. There were boys and girls of various ages. They were full of joy, chattering to one another. They all looked beautiful. One little girl had pig tails and a delightfully happy smile. You would have thought that they were in line at an amusement park.

When they spotted me they began to speak to me. I climbed out the window. It was at this point that I knew that these children had passed on from their earthly life and were heading to heaven. There was a fallen tree with large limbs. As the children continued to speak to me I helped them over the tree. One little girl began to tell me about how she had gotten there…

“I was just visiting a friends house and the next thing I knew I had ropes tied around me…..” She did not seem troubled at all. I didn’t want to hear any details. She only seemed a little uncertain as to how she could be at her friends house one minute then in line with children on this adventure to heaven the next. I was stunned. She had no anger, no fear and no animosity.

Then I thought to myself: Now I can see that when a child dies it is as if they are walking from one room to another. You don’t always know what is in the next room, but you have no reason to fear – it is just another room. Then I also realized that children that die are never alone. Somehow God brings children of similar age together and they traverse from this life to the next.

I think that most of all I was amazed to see the great peace and joy on each of their faces.

No fear, just joy.

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