It is tough for a Godly woman to dress appropriately in this day and age. There is so much sexuality that it can be very confusing. Here are a few tips that might help you in your quest for appropriate dress.

Anything with the word “sex” should be held in high esteem.  Sexy means: “Sexually attractive or exciting, sexually aroused.” 

When we ask if Christian women should be dressing “sexy” we now are asking “Is it okay for a contemporary Christian woman to dress like everyone else? ” The answer is “No.” Here is why.

In 1 Tim. 2:9  Paul said “I want women to dress with proper clothing, MODESTLY and discreetly.”

Modesty: “Dressing or behaving so as to avoid impropriety or indecency, especially  to avoid attracting sexual  attention – not revealing or emphasizing the figure.” Discreet means to be “distinct or separate.”


“What’s the big deal” you say?

“I have a cute figure and I am not ashamed of it. God gave us these human bodies and we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide them. If someone gets turned on by me just being myself then it’s their problem – they are the one’s with inappropriate thoughts.”

Au contraire my friend – you are wrong. You see – if you have chosen to take the title of “Christian” you are no longer your own. You were bought with a great price. When you chose to follow Christ you said “Lord, I give you my heart, mind and life. I’m yours Lord.” Did you forget?

The next problem is that Paul spoke very specifically in 1 Corinthians about this issue. He said that if we do ANYTHING that could even possibly cause a fellow brother or sister to sin we shouldn’t do it. You may not see an issue with a bikini – but if it  puts lustful thoughts in a man’s head –  you have just caused sin in your brothers life.  You have now sinned.  One day you will give account for that.

What women see as attractive men may see as alluring

You have the freedom and responsibility to live a life which reflects whom YOU have chosen to represent – Christ. It’s no longer about you, it’s now all about Him.

“He died for all that we in turn might no longer live for ourselves but for HIM.” 2 Cor. 5:15  

There you have it. It’s no longer about you – it’s about Christ and following Him, His ways and what establishes His kingdom.

Is dressing immodestly sin? Yes. There is no way around it. God’s Word tells us clearly to dress modestly – therefore if you or I don’t we are in sin and will one day give account for our actions.


What is immodest? If you are showing any parts of your breasts, even cleavage, that is immodest. So we have to look at the fact that bikini’s are typically very revealing. Best to avoid them unless the top is covering ALL your breasts and the bottoms are modest. Bathing suits are best – prudish you say? Yup – it’s not about us, remember?

Next, anything that reveals your butt or crotch or below your belly button is immodest. Clothes that are so tight they reveal every line of your body are inappropriate. If you can’t pull your clothes with two fingers – they are too tight.

Watch the yoga pants – if you go out in them wear a long sweater or jacket to cover you butt. Several men recently remarked that they were looking forward to spring because it was “Yoga pants season.” The men were obviously sexually aroused seeing all the outlines of women’s crotches and butts. Don’t make your brother stumble.

Short dresses, skirts and shorts can be beautiful, unless they are too far up the thigh. A few inches above the knee is fine but when you start to get above the thigh area that is totally inappropriate. I don’t care how great or thin your legs are – this is not about you trying to be eye candy for every male that will see you. NO SHORT SHORTS!

Use wisdom. If you are working out at the gym then higher shorts are going to be more acceptable there than just walking down the street. If you are going on your honeymoon or vacation with your husband then dress a little sexy for your husband, but always take into consideration where you are and who is around you.


Here is one of the best ways to know if you should be wearing something or not. When you put on an outfit, a bikini or whatever you’re planning on wearing – stand for one minute in front of the mirror. Close your eyes and see yourself standing before Jesus. You are standing with the same clothes you are now wearing. How do you feel? Are you embarrassed? If you have a complete peace – then wear it.

Why would a christian woman want to wear revealing clothes? To get attention from the opposite sex. Many women are starved for attention – attention from their husbands and boyfriends. Dressing sexy is the quickest way for others to notice you. In reality it means you struggle with a spirit of insecurity. Until that thing is dealt with it will always be a struggle for you to dress appropriately. If this is you – begin to fast and pray that God begin to heal those wounds of rejection and insecurity. In time, as you heal, you will find you no longer need to garner attention in this way.

Quoting Christian Today “A married woman should feel freedom to wear anything and nothing in the privacy of her bedroom. But when she walks out of the house, she needs to be considerate of modesty. Just because your husband can look at your body, that doesn’t mean other men should.”

Begin to pray:“Lord show me how to dress appropriately. Teach me what is modest and what glorifies your kingdom.”

God is faithful. He will show you. If you don’t feel a sense of shame or conviction then most likely that is God’s way of saying it’s okay. I have learned to ask someone how I look if I am uncertain. I ask my husband or my daughters. They know that I want an honest answer – not to coddle or flatter me.

God doesn’t wanfile0002077255051t us to all dress like Amish women. We don’t have to take it that far. What He does require is modestly and purity. It’s that simple. 

Dress stylish. Be beautiful. Look fabulous. But don’t abuse the freedom Christ gave you to ruin your Christian walk and very possibly that of another. Be wise.

What are you wearing today?


  1. Thank you for having the spine to tell the truth. God bless you wonderful women for your thoughtfulness and courage…

  2. Crazy people think like this… You don’t get to heaven by following rules, that’s why Jesus died.

  3. Yes it’s crazy isn’t it? God’s Word is timeless. I’d rather be called crazy and be pleasing to God than find out I caused sin in my life and that of others. Thank you for writing!

  4. Thank you so much for the article reminding us that we as followers of Christ.are Representative of his reign . Praise God fo yourr convincetion!

  5. A biblical response to modesty today is lacking because a biblical response to life is lacking. ICor. 8:13 says as a believer I am not willing to do anything to cause someone to stumble. We should love our brother enough to understand their weakness and protect them. Thank you for posting in a time when we are so self focused we are not concise or care of of another’s struggle.2Timothy 3:1-7 just more proof we are in last days.

  6. Denice, each of us will one day stand before God and give account of all of our actions – which would you rather be guilty of, showing too much or being too modest? I never said wear shorts for a bathing suit, I said if you are going to bear a bikini then make sure “the bottoms are more the shorts type.” Why let your butt hang out? There is just as much pressure on men as women. Everyday, every hour, every minute they have to guard their eyes and their hearts from looking at women, lusting after women and fantasizing about women. Why be a woman who adds to that pressure? Blessings to you and I appreciate you writing.

  7. I am a Christian and this article is too extreme. I dress pretty modestly for myself and to honor God. But if a man stumbles because of the way another woman dresses he should reevaluate HIS walk with God. Stop putting all of this pressure on women. Shorts as a bathing suit? I wear a regular bathing suit and if a guy can’t control his thoughts then that is on him.

  8. Yes, this is true, but why be a tool of Satan by wearing immodest clothing? Why be the one to make your brother stumble? Why be the one to sin by not being discreet? There is a lot less probability that a man will lust after you if you have on sweat pants compared to a high skirt. It’s NOT crazy, it’s all about sin and eternity and what will God say to us when we stand before Him eternally!

  9. This is totally crazy….A women can have on sweat pants and man will lust!! It’s their nature….

  10. This is beautiful!!!!! I love it!! Thank you so much for writing this. It’s amazing. I was internally shouting amens throughout the whole post. Beautiful!! Praise God. well said.

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