Prayer Against Tormenting & Violent Thoughts


“Dear Lord, I recognize that these tormenting, violent thoughts are not of you. I now choose to submit my mind completely to you and refuse to allow these thoughts to torment me any longer.

Satan I now recognize that you have put these violent, tormenting thoughts in my mind. I refuse to allow them to enter my mind any longer. Your powers were broken at the cross 2000 years ago. You have no power over me.My mind is now completely free of any of your plans or attacks and I submit my mind completely to the Lord Jesus.

Lord, fill my mind with clean and holy thoughts. Help me to not allow any demonic thoughts to enter by guarding all that I see on TV, movies, books or magazines. Convict me when I am tempted to look at something that is impure.” In Jesus name I pray. amen

Pray this prayer out loud. This prayer can be said each time the tormenting thoughts come.

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