Prayer When a Husband/Wife Commits Adultery


“Heavenly Father you know how broken my heart is. I feel hurt, abandoned, angry, confused and tormented. Lord, come into my heart and heal it. Touch every part of me that is broken and aching. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife betraying me. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife lying to me. Lord I have so many hurts please heal them all. Lord, give me wisdom. I’m not sure what to do. As you speak to me give me the courage to follow through.

Lord, give me new direction. I know with you all things are possible. I would ask that you would show my husband/wife the wrong he/she has done. Show him/her the pain he/she has caused. Convict him/her. Turn his/her heart around to want to do right. Give him/her a new heart. Lord, I am asking that you would heal our marriage. I know with you all things are possible. I pray my husband/wife would be willing.

In the name of Jesus I now pull down this demonic spirit of ADULTERY – it has NO POWER over me, my spouse and our marriage. SATAN – get your hands off of our marriage in Jesus name! I now claim healing, restoration, love and forgiveness over our marriage, our family and our relationship. I now confess that Satan’s powers are broken and Jesus rules and reigns over our marriage. I now claim complete restoration in our relationship.

Lord, I cannot forgive him/her. I feel so much anger, hate and bitterness. Lord, I allow YOU to forgive him/her through me. Lord, during this time I ask that you would fill me with your love. You have never abandoned me. You have never forsaken me. I put my trust completely in you. Hold my hand as I walk this difficult journey. Send angels to minister to me.”

In Jesus name I pray.


Friend, I encourage  you to say this prayer out LOUD, with authority. Say it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Every time you feel out of control or upset repeat this prayer. God is on YOUR side. I am praying for you. Satan’s powers are broken.

57 thoughts on “Prayer When a Husband/Wife Commits Adultery

  1. I have been a heavy drinker for 13 years and neglected my wife in that time. I was always there for my kids, but neglected my wife emotionally. Even though I attended church and prayed with my wife, I did not have a true relationship with God. I was extremely selfish and life centrered around me and not God and others.

    This all changed on 18 March 2016, when I truelly gave my heart to the Lord and it changed my life radically. I have not had a drop to drink since then and the Lord has blessed me abundantly. I was diagnosed as being bi-polar, had high blood pressure, and -cholesterol as well as diabetes. I was healed of all these illnesses. I learned that live is foremost about God, my wife, children and others and then only about me.

    Me and my wife are currently in the midst of a divorce and this has been ongoing since 2015. About 3 months prior to me going cold turkey, my wife became involved with a colleague and they are curently still in a relationship. She was a dedicated Christian and always believed that I would be healed, but I guess her patience ran out.

    I now know the devil was pushing hardest when she was closest to her miracle, but she could not wait. I have tried my utmost to restore our marriage but the other party involved is a contract negotiator and he is obviously very good at manipulation, using his skills to manipulate her in a subtle way.

    I have been standing for about 19 months and I ask that you pray for that God will work in her heart to forgive me. I miss her and our children terribly.

    • Terrence, When fighting these types of battles it is impertinent that you begin to fast and pray. (Read all my posts under Fasting). I recommend a long fast such as 6 months to one year. The most powerful fasts are often Media Fasts. This means no TV, No movies, no social media, or internet, etc. Only listen to Christian music and read the bible. This can drive away much of the darkness and prepare the ground for deliverance.

      I encourage you to read all our posts on Armor of God, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as this will be your key to overcoming difficulties and spiritual warfare. I also encourage you to read all our posts on Inner Healing, as this will help to bring healing to your mind and heart during this stressful time. This will also help insure that a root of bitterness does not develop and cause further pain in your life. I would encourage you to further read the teachings under Demons, Discouragement, Spiritual Warfare, Growing Spiritually and Wisdom.

      Daily Quiet Time is essential during this time. As this will bring you the peace and solace that you will need during this time.

      You are still called to a live of peace, even in the midst of adversity. You must know this. Your peace is not based on the outcome of your marriage but by knowing Jesus intimately and walking closely with Him. Find this peace. Stay in the Word of God daily and diligently begin to memorize bible verses on a daily basis. YOUR PEACE WILL BE YOUR POWER. Once you have this no one can steal this from you.

      We are now having our Prayer Team lift up your situation. We are standing with you in faith for healing and complete restoration. blessings

  2. I know I’ve requested before, but I am feeling down and hopeless. My wife, Stephanie, is still involved in her emotional affair and shows no signs of stopping. We have been married for 22 years and together for 25 years. Since August 14 after her telling me she only wants to be friends and doesn’t see us together she has become very cold and distant. We are currently separated for sanity reasons of my own. She is texting a gentleman named Charles in Washington State and we live in Maryland. I can’t see their relationship going anywhere because she will not leave here to go out there to be with him and I’m sure he wont leave Washington (family and birth place) so where in the world will it go?

    I’m asking the LORD daily to touch my wife’s heart and for her to realize that she needs GOD in her life. I ask for the Hedge of Protection, The Wall of Fire, and the Armor of GOD everyday. It’s only been 9 months since I found out about her affair but it feels like an eternity. I have very few happy days since the discovery and ask the LORD for peace and joy in my life. My therapist tells me I need to stop thinking about her but I truly believe if she would stop we could be happy together again.

    I know it sounds funny but I had a vision while mowing the grass early this year that we would be together; I just don’t know when and it hurts so bad. Please pray for my wife’s salvation and my daughter’s also (she is an adult but doesn’t mean the affair isn’t affecting her, she sides with her mother right now.) Also pray for the restoration of my marriage. I am praying for all marriages in trouble to be healed by the LORD if he deems it his will. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  3. My wife and I have been together for 11 years I did something to break her heart she left and is now in the arms of someone else I’m believing in his word and trying to be faithful unto God and her we have so much together including 2 beautiful children I’m praying God sends her back so that we can grow stronger in God and continue to grow I love her so much and although I know she’s having sex it doesn’t matter cause I still continue to stand on my faith and his word I’m praying for reconciliation of my family

    • Aaron, you are a mighty man of God. Our prayer team is now lifting you and your family up. Read all my posts on the Armor of God, Inner healing and Fasting and praying. We are now standing with you in faith. blessings.

    • Good morning my name is Teresa and my heart goes out to you and I’m going through the same thing right now I left my husband because he was not treating me so well and he was not even touching me and showing me love and I went to him and talk to him it’s like he was dealing with someone else but I never caught him but also because the signs were there and I love him more than anything I told him everyday how much you love them called and checked on him all the time but he never returned any of those feelings back and also whenever he goes out I used to call him he never answered never text me back or anything like that so my heart was broken so I just left I mean gone for 7 months now and I’ve been trying to talk to him and get him to see that I’m still in love with him and I’m pretty sure he is seeing someone else because he doesn’t even call me anymore so please my prayers go out to everyone of you and I hope you’re praying for me too in Jesus name amen

      • Good morning.i am chaitra iam having same issue wear we are separated from 1year pray to god to restore our family.

        On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 1:09 AM, Mountain Streams Healing Center: Founded by Jackie Osinski wrote:

        > Teresa Turner commented: “Good morning my name is Teresa and my heart goes > out to you and I’m going through the same thing right now I left my husband > because he was not treating me so well and he was not even touching me and > showing me love and I went to him and talk to him it’s ” >

      • all of my parents are telling me that live jesus and lefd your husband ha.then come to home for idial worship again,jesus is not doing any miracle like please pray for me.

  4. Please pray my husband of 21 years sees the wrong he is causing. We have 2 beautiful daughters who are innocent. Please Holy Spirit I ask for your guidance. Jesus protect our family especially my husband against Satan and these demons of adultery. I beg for prayers and the mercy of the Lord to save my marriage.

  5. Please pray for my marriage. My husband left me the day before Thanksgiving. He has been talking to a coworker for the past month and I just so happened to surprise him at work and I was the one who got the surprise. I love him so much we have never been through anything like this. I don’t know if they have had sex or not, I can only pray he hasn’t went that far. He is my bestfriend we do everything together. I just want him to come home and we work on fixing our relationship. I want us to build a stronger relationship through God. I believe God brought us together for a reason and I believe he will help him find his way home. Lord please help him see the wrong he is doing and remove his mistress from his life. AMEN

  6. My husband has been having an affair off and on for a year I’ve lost so much during all of this thought of just giving up and even taking my life he just left me again with or 20month old daughter and our 3month old son I feel so lost and unloved but through it all I continue to pray for my husband and our marriage Jesus fix it I know that Jesus is the only way. By the grace and mercy of God I’m believing that my marriage will be renewed in Jesus name. Amen

  7. Please prayer for my husband Paul. He comiited adultery and he had a baby. This woman Anya used the baby to seduce my husband he cannot come home early because he is with her. My daughter is suffering because of that. I pray and declare by faith that whatever she has holding over my huband that the chains will be broken. Bring him back to his family in the mighty name of Jesus.

  8. Please pray that I can find more forgivenes. My husband moved out over a year ago, he said he wouldn’t see other women. He did with two women that I know of. One of the women is the daughter of his best friend. I started the filing for divorce then he came to me and said he wanted to go to counseling. I agreed and at our first counseling session(2months ago) we both agreed to be monogomous and that he would not hang around his best friends daughter since he refused to give up his friendship even though I’m unable to be around them. I have caught him numerous times lying to me about being around her. Then last Friday I found out he’s been seeing another women for the last two months and yes they were having sex. I confronted him and he said he would quit, I’m not sure if I care anymore. Yesterday I went to our place of business and the friends daughter was sitting at the desk. I told her to get out and my husband told me to leave. I have been married for 27 years and I have always believed that it’s best to save it if possible but my heart is ripped in shreds. Anyway I was hoping that people would pray on my behalf and pray for my husband. I believe that it might be best at this point to file for divorce, I’m not bouncing back this time prayer isn’t even helping. Thank you

    • Pls pray for my marriage of 28 years. My husband vernon was sexualy abuse since 11 years old by his sister and neighbor.That was his reason why he have desires to so many woman .H e is involve in phornography , fornication ,sexual fantasy, and now chatting .He had 6 adulterous relation and left me 3× for women .But keep on coming back and I keep on forgiving and accepting him back ..Now he chat with a woman overseas and left me for 3 months now claiming that he is in love with the woman.He introduce the woman to his sister and they acknowledge her in txt the mistress telling her that she is welcome to their family.And the mistress txt back calling my mother mom and thanking her also for accepting her in the family My husband still cares so much about me and txt me that no woman can replace me in his heart but the flesh desires is overwhelming and he gave up and lost hope fighting.Years back he fasted for 35 days in retreat center prayed for deliverance from evil sexual desires.And he was not delivered and that was the start for him to lost hope..He was the armor bearer in our church .but now he seldom go to church .I am determined to fight for God’s will in marriage pls agree with me in prayer and no our divorce is not final yet it will probably early next year..

      • Eleanor you have been through so much. If your husband truly wanted to be set free he would agree to Christian marriage counseling with you. Actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t matter what he says – it’s his actions that count. He keeps saying “he cares so much” and “no woman can replace you” but that is a lie. Those are empty words. If he really wants to change he would cry out for help from somebody – so far he hasn’t done that. I recommend a one year Media fast. These demonic strongholds are powerful and they are blinding his eyes. If he is willing to change then the fasting will help loosen the bondages. Are you putting on The Armor of God daily? Read all my posts on this. Standing with you in prayer.

  9. my husband has really hurt me by lovıng other gırls from our church. I no hate church, hım and the gırls ıneed prayers

  10. Thx jackie for this site for direction to fight against satans attack. My wife of 25 years left me on April 6, 2015 and is now seeing another man. She has been by my side as a pastor for these last 15 years. I lost my wife, my home, and my pastorate in one week. My soul is crushed everyday and I love my wife so much even though she is committing adultery. My three kids 24, 22, and 19, are hurting also and dont understand how a loving wife, mother, and grandmother could do this. I am beyond myself. Please pray for our restoration. thx Her name is Anisa! The guys name is Eric.

    • Roger, wow you have been through so much. Does God know? yes. Does God understand? yes. Does God care? yes. Is God still our healer, deliever, hope and high tower? yes, yes, yes. If you are not already on an electronics media fast then begin one (see my post under Fasting and Prayer). Stay on the fast for at least 6 months to a year. Get your house purified. Removed ANYTHING that is questionable – particularly music and movies that are questionable – even if they are kids movies. The battle is on. God is on your side warfaring for your home, family, ministry and wife. I stand with you in fasting and prayer. Keep me posted.

  11. thank you so much for replying to my message. yes I very much want to move on but I am afraid of commiting sin against God and my husband. I hav left him for 7 yrs but since he is physically stronger than me he forced his way back into my life. i wish i was somewhere civilised where men treat women with much respect

  12. please pray for my husband and.the women he has affairs with as they do not know what they are doing. I am really thankful for this encouraging site that has strenghten me to pray and have faith in the Lord and the Lord has been good to me by giving me his peace now that I have peace and learnt to atleast speak nicely to my husband eventhough he is living with his mistresses who texts me lies about their sexual acts and how he promises to marry them. please pray for me so that i will continue to hav patience upon the Lord and wait for his directions whetheer to get seperation o to wait for my husbands return.

  13. I am a regular reader of this site. My husband is more a casual visitor to our home. He goes off for years and the comes home once or twice a year. He has been and is having sexual relationship with many women outside of marriage and his family supports him and they all pretend that nothing of such happened eventhough I have evident. I am hurt and lonely and no one knws. i pretend to be well outside but so hurt, depressed and stressed out and anxiety is causing short of breath and high blood pressure in me. i am the only provider for my kids. He doesnt support me in raisin my 5 kids and lies for his gain. i lost my job because of my depression and its more worst he is not here and mu struggle is too much when i cant even afford a grain of rice for our kids. Please beloveds in the Lord, pray for me as i struggle with my problems

    • Friend, why would you let that man back into your home or your life? He is using you. He no longer cares about you or his family. By you allowing him back “occasionally” you are telling him that it is ok for him to use you and that you don’t value yourself. Until he changes his ways, repents of his sins and comes back to Christ you must not allow him to come back into your life. If he wants to see the kids you can meet him at a park. Sick people don’t change until they are given consequences, up till now you have not given him any. You are called to a life of peace, not turmoil. Stand up for your life and take back the peace God has called you to. Be strong. Daily pray for courage. Move on with your life – with out this man.

      • pray for my family husand is committed to adultry and left me alonly please pray for him

        On 6/9/15, Mountain Streams Healing Center: Founded by Jackie Osinski

  14. Good Day

    My name is Joe, we have been engaged for 2 years now with my husband and i have been cheating for him and I dont know why. I have came to realize now that he is also cheating, every Fridays he will tell me that his cell phones has a problem, this ha been happening for 4 weeks now, i have discovered that he is involved with some lady, who is introducing him to casual sex, and the lady wants them to make love anywhere and it seems as my husband is very excited about, i am very exhausted fighting with I dont know what to do anymore, he is not aware that i know about the women but i told him that i am suspecting that something is happening in his life.

    Pls pray for me and my husband.

  15. My husband is with another woman telling me he move on because I would not come back he is normally verbally abusive he put his need first I have been hurt by him I know that it the devil that came into our marriage am praying that god will give me directions on which way to go divorce or continue to just be separated.

  16. Please pray for family life in husbnd always asking me divorce.he dsn’t lisen any 1 talks.he has 1more relation and bad last he gave time to decide on 24 of this monht.I didnt want that name chaitra husbnd name melwin.

    • Peace beloved. If your husband divorces you let him go. You can still warfare in the spirit realm. You cannot make someone stay that doesn’t want to – but you can warfare that his eyes will be opened and that his heart will change. You position is to try to trust God through all of this and cling to Christ your true Husband. Praying for you.

  17. I have been struggling to break free from an adulteress affair and now my husband says it’s over. But I’m struggling to fight this feeling of hopelessness. I love my husband but I was trapped in lust and lies. I want my marriage but I fear I’ve hurt him one too many times. I’m going to fight for this. I have too.

  18. Please pray for me to understand. Why i feel so rejected by my husband. He is the one eho had the affair he is the one that brroke my and kids heart. Why should i keep fighting for our marriage and family. When he does nothing to make. Things right or better. When will my prayers. Be answered. When?

  19. Very glad to come across this wonderful prayer which gives hope for hopeless people like me.Need your prayers for the healing of my heart and the ability to forgive my husband.Also that he may be able to look into his faults n accept it graciuosly.I want him back in totality.

    • kindly pray for me Jackie.A very difficult time for me in life. Somthing absolutely unexpected from my husband.I have a strong beleif hes been brainwashed by the other woman.Pray that he should never be attracted to her in life hereafter and he understands the hurt caused to me.

  20. Please help me Pray for my husband.. The Lord knows what he struggles with. I will always pray that the Lord can put Love In my heart, not hate for him.

  21. This prayer is a true blessing for me at this very tough time of my life. God bless you for sharing this post. I feel at peace with my heart, reading this.

  22. My husband left me two weeks ago. i have been struggle to keep up how to remove the obstacle that been bother me. Lord i want fight the demon that keep bother my marriage

  23. It’s a blessing that I found your blog. It helps me alot with regards to healing my heart because it’s hard to wake up with a heavy heart and a broken spirit.. thank you for this prayer may godbless you

    • I am so thankful for this prayer.
      My husband has been abusive for the past 5 years. I stood by even he became violent. I guess it was part of stress of us working so many hours, for material ambitions.
      I have been through a lot. I lost my job, my registration was suspended and all trials.
      I managed to forgive him in my heart and.surrendered everything to GOD.
      I acknowledged my mistakes and regretted for how many times God knocked on me but I never have surrendered everything until all ordeal.
      My husband was having an affair.since.2011 not until last year he totally left us after i had been going through crisis in my career and.everything.
      Despite all he has done, i have forgiven him. I am praying that he will have Restoration and will seek is totally lost and his.mistress as well that she will realised the destruction she has done to our family.
      That Together me and my husband will seek God’s love and in unity.
      Please pray for my husband.

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