Healing Prayer after Divorce


“Lord, today I come to you with a broken heart. My relationship has ended with my spouse. I never thought it would happen to me. It seemed to happen to others but I never  dreamed I would be there one day. Lord, today I offer you all the broken pieces of my heart, my soul, my body and my mind.

Lord, I feel tired, hurt, angry, bitter and confused. Please take me in your arms and rock me like a baby. Soothe my heart, heal my mind and emotions. Lord, please touch every part of me that aches. Bathe me in your Balm of Gilead. Let your healing touch flow to the inner most part of my wounds. Don’t let this anger and bitterness grow. Replace them with joy, peace and comfort.

Lord, it is so hard for me to trust. But Lord, you have never left me, betrayed me or forsaken me. In time Lord, help me to begin to trust others. Send people into my life that will honor me, encourage me and help me walk this new path that I am on. Be the Lover of my soul. Be my friend. Be my hope. Be my strength. Be my sustenance. Be my daily bread. When I am alone, comfort me. When I am tired, strengthen me. When I am hurting, heal me.

Lord, I cannot forgive. A part of me doesn’t want to. But Lord I ask that you would forgive my ex-spouse through me. I allow your love and forgiveness to flow through me. I am willing to be a channel of your mercy and grace. Lord, you know my needs – physical, financial and spiritual. Give me all the riches of you. Let me never feel empty.”

In Jesus name I pray.

Friend, I am praying for you.

6 thoughts on “Healing Prayer after Divorce

  1. I can forgive my wife, I an the sinner here. Though there habe been mistakes on both sides mine are greater which is why it is easier for me to forgive. But I pay for her that she can forgive and not only see the bad in our marriage, when there was so much good.

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