Ownership of Your Home, Life & Relationships



Lee had demonic activity in his house. He had built his house out of very old timbers from an old, abandoned barn in Southern Indiana. Late one afternoon he was alone in his house. As he stood in the living room he felt a very strong demonic presence. It terrified him. With everything that was within him he wanted to run. Yet, as a Christian he was determined to not give into this fear. He began to sing hymns – nervously at first – then stronger as the minutes passed. Soon the demonic presence left.

Several weeks later his wife called him at work. “Lee, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy. I was standing here in the kitchen doing dishes. I was alone in the house. All of a sudden I felt someone standing behind me!”

“No honey, I definitely don’t think you are crazy.”

After that incident unexplained noises began occurring in the house. Lee knew it was time to do something. He called his pastor – she said she couldn’t help him. But she did wish him Good luck!

Lee got on the internet and began researching. Finally he found information on what was necessary to drive the demons out of his home. The word that made the biggest impression on him was “OWNERSHIP.”

Lee walked into his house determined to take OWNERSHIP of his house.  Standing in the middle of his living room he spoke with a loud, demanding voice:

“This is my house.  I am not going anywhere. I now take OWNERSHIP of my house in Jesus Name. No matter what you try to do to me I am not going anywhere. I claim ownership.”

He has not had one demonic activity since that day.

OWNERSHIP. Do you have ownership over your mind? Do you have ownership over your relationships? Do you have ownership over your habits and addictions? Do you have ownership over your family? Do you have ownership over your home?

What area of your life feels that it is OUT OF CONTROL?

Jesus said “Behold I have given you AUTHORITY (ownership) to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy and nothing shall injure you”  Lk. 10:19

What Jesus is saying in this verse is that if you are a Committed Believer in Christ He has given us the power over all areas of darkness, problems, situations, difficult people and anything that we have to face in our day-to-day life. The problem is that most people don’t take the responsibility of ownership. They fret, moan and groan, worry and fear. When Jesus gave His followers this authority it was so that we could have an OVERCOMING  life – a successful, powerful life. Not a life that is full of problems and adversity.

Perhaps you have at least one area in your life – if not several – which feels like it is out of control. Take a stand for you life today. Speak OWNERSHIP. Drive out the darkness. Drive out the confusion. Drive out the rejection, hurt, despair, sickness, heartache and chaos. Pray this simple prayer of ownership. Pray it out-loud with authority. Say it daily for one month. See what the power of ownership can do for your life.

“Today in Jesus name I take back what Satan has stolen from me. I take ownership over my home, my spouse, my marriage, my children,  my relationships, my finances, my thoughts, my emotions. I will no longer allow confusion, fear, doubt, problems and worries to rule in my life. I claim Jesus as Lord of all that I have and all that I am. I now break any demonic influences that have troubled or tormented my mind. I reclaim peace, rest and tranquility over my home. I claim OWNERSHIP over every area of my life.”

Now, who’s in control? 

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