Prayer When Lonely

Before you say this prayer light a candle. As the warmth of the light fills your room remind yourself that God is light and that He is right there with you. Each time you feel lonely once again light a candle and disperse the darkness.


“Dear Lord, you know how lonely I feel. Sometimes it feels that I will never have a sense of belonging to anyone or anything. I feel that the rest of the world has someone – except for me. God help me to know that this is not permanent. Help me to understand that there is something wonderful that you are doing in me during this difficult time. 

Your Word tells us to give thanks in ALL things. Right now I choose to praise you. Right now I thank you that you have allowed me to come to this lonely place. This is a good thing. You are perfecting in me something of eternal value that I cannot see or understand – but one day I will see clearly.

Lord, these dark foreboding feelings of DESPAIR are not of you. Loneliness is normal – the DESPAIR of loneliness is not normal – it is demonic. I take authority over these feelings of depression, hopelessness, suicide and tormenting thoughts – I command them to leave my mind and emotions now in Jesus name.

Holy Spirit fill me, surround me and envelop me in your love, your warmth and your peace. You are my friend who sticks closer than a brother. Help me to trust you during this difficult time. I pray my relationship with you would deepen during this time. Help me not turn to people to fill the gap that only you can fill.

Lord, we were created for relationships. I pray that in your time you send the right people into my life who will love and respect me. Help me to get involved in areas that I can serve, meet people and be involved with others. Lord, I will do my best and I know that you will do your best.”

In Jesus name I pray.   amen

This prayer should be said each time you feel lonely, in despair or hopeless. Say it out loud and with authority. I am praying for you.

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