Woman of God you are a beautiful Rose


Beautiful Woman of God.

You are a precious flower to God – you are a Rose.
A Rose is symbolic of 3 things: Unity, Love and Simplicity.

God has put inside you a beautiful gift of bringing unity into places where there has been hurt and division. Know that as you go about your day you bring the fragrance of healing to others.

God has placed His divine Love within your heart. You carry the love of Yeshua – Agape love – that supernatural love that flows from the throne room of heaven. It is this love that continues to love when we have been hurt or offended.  It is this love that continues to give when others have treated us wrongly.  It is this love that Christ gives to you that you might touch a lost and hurting world.


Finally, you represent simplicity. Let go of all the cares and burdens of life. Only allow in your life that which the Creator has determined for you. Keep simple your life, your walk, your clothes, your home, your lifestyle.  For it is in simplicity that we find the freedom to be all that Christ has called us to be.
You are a rose and you are beautiful.

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