Satan Dumpster Diving in Your Brain

file0001424659160The other night I had a perverted dream. The dream was that my brother was trying to come on to me sexually. When I awoke I felt very troubled. I hadn’t conscientiously opened up any doors for perverted thoughts – I am very careful what my eyes see and what my ears hear. I began to pray “Lord, where did Satan come up with this trash to plant these thoughts in my brain?” Here is what the Lord said:

“Remember when you were young and your brother was drunk? He made sexual advances towards you – but you resisted him. Satan went dumpster diving in your brain. Because you guard your mind he couldn’t find anything from the present to use – so he had to use the past.”

That particular incident happened over 30 years ago. The incident was so insignificant that I hardly remembered it. Yet Satan is the master of Dumpster Diving in your brain. He will dig around in your past and find just the right perverted, hurtful, abusive, ugly or dark memory to torment you. Satan loves to bring up the past. Satan loves to see you agonize over past mistakes, past hurts, painful memories. He loves to find the trash of past sins.  Satan is his name and torment is his game.

How do you fight such a powerful enemy that you cannot see? You must put on the Armor of God (see post) daily and out loud. You must regularly memorize scripture verses and say them out loud. You must use all the weapons in God’s arsenal. This is a real battle. This is a battle for your peace of mind, for your sense of well-being and for your ability to fight the forces of hell.


Too many believers live a defeated, anemic Christian life. The Word of God tells us that we are MORE than overcomerers. The Word of God says we are MIGHTY in Christ. The Word of God says NO weapon formed against you will prosper. But if you don’t know who you are in Christ you will continue to be beat down and eventually defeated by the enemy.

Has Satan been Dumpster Diving in your brain? What painful memories has he been bringing up? What thoughts from your past have been tormenting you? What perverted or demonic dreams has Satan been planting in your mind?

Today is your day for victory.

Take authority over your situation. No longer allow Satan to go diving into your past looking for a memory to torment you with. Pray this prayer out loud with me:

“Dear Lord – Satan has been Dumpster Diving in my brain. Today I take a stand against these Satanic attacks. I take on the mind of Christ. I am forgiven by the blood of the Lamb – therefore Satan has no right to bring up my past. Right now in Jesus name I tell you Satan to get off of my mind, my thoughts and my body. You have no right to pull up old memories. I now resist you and the  demons. Every plan that you have set out against me and my family has been broken at the cross in Jesus name. Today I take on a sound mind, a clear mind and a powerful mind. I refuse to allow you to torment me any longer – in Jesus name.”

Each time Satan brings up your past RESIST him, REFUSE him and REPEL him. Speak against him with the authority Christ has given you.

4 thoughts on “Satan Dumpster Diving in Your Brain

    • tha you so much for writing up this prayer….as i said it..i tears came out of my eyes-with my eyes closed and i felt authority ..power..this..electricity..wash over me as i said it and i rebuked the devil…asking jesus to fll me .my thoughts…remove any uncleaness i have been exposing my soul to..through porn and etc. i rebuked the incestual dream. thank you so much for this. because in church when i pray normally i ….feel ….sort of yawny…like my words had no power…like i was tired…like i was just saying words i didnt mean inside-and doubt filled my head whether God was trully listening or whether my sins were being forgiven. That was the total opposite to the power..authority…indepth determination when i said these prayers on this site. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS

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