Prayer for an Anorexic Child


“Dear Lord I come humbly before you for my daughter/son who is struggling with Anorexia. Father you gave me this child as a gift for a short time on earth. I am feeling guilty, angry, frustrated, confused and deeply troubled. Lord please touch _________’s mind with peace, hope, courage, purpose, direction and strength. Lord I ask that you would clear her/his mind of all the confusing anorexic thoughts and fill her/his mind with complete peace and rest. 

In Jesus name I take authority over every lying, tormenting, troubling spirit that would try and torment __________’s mind. Jesus paid the price on the cross for her/his welfare and I claim that complete healing today. Satan get your hands off my family, my child and my child’s  mind. I claim victory over this situation. God is bigger than Anorexia. My God is a healer. My God is a deliverer and my God shall deliver ___________ from the clutches of Anorexia.

Father I now ask that you would bring complete peace and trust to my heart and mind. Help me to have big faith. Help my emotions to be steady and stable each and every day. Help me to daily relinquish control over this situation for your Word tells us that apart from You we can do nothing. Now Lord I know it is Your will to completely heal _________  for Your Word tells us so. You are not a man that You should lie. Therefore I will now, in faith, begin to start thanking You for healing my daughter/son.  I stand on Your promise that says “He who began a good work in ____________ will perfect it until the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I now choose to walk in faith not in fear. You will complete the healing process and I am thanking You for bringing this about.   In Jesus name we pray.  amen


I encourage you to read all my posts on The Armor of God




12 thoughts on “Prayer for an Anorexic Child

  1. Thank you so much for writing this prayer. I have used it so many times when I have not the strength to use my own words. I leave Grace in Jesus’s care as she is in school today and pray for our strength and faith to be renewed so we may see her deliverance from anorexia, body dysmorphia and all that troubles her mind so wrongly.

    • Rose, thank you for the kind words. This is a long journey but your daughter WILL get through this just like my daughter did. It was a total of about 8 years from start to finish, but God prevailed. Now my daughter is 26, gorgeous, healthy and will be getting married in a few weeks. She wants to open a ranch for girls like Grace who need the love, care and support that is so necessary during this difficult time. One day you will write me and share all the happy news about Grace and how she has totally overcome. We agree now, as mothers in Jesus name. amen

  2. Dear Miss Jackie Osinski, please pray that my sister will be delivered from anorexia. My family and I have been very stressed and extremely saddened by watching her suffer. It breaks all of our hearts to see her like this. Please pray that she will be healed. This is all I want. I believe that Jesus has a marvelous plan for her life and the devil just wants to steal it from her. Please keep us in prayer. The devil is just attacking us from all corners, all at once. I just have to believe that God will turn the situation into good. I appreciate that you will pray for us, even though you don’t know us. If you have any wise Christian advice for us please do not hesitate to include it in your response. Thank you so much!

    • Isabella, I am praying for your sister. I encourage you and the whole family to read all my posts on Fasting and Prayer. I would go on a one year Media fast, along with something else, such as sugar. Also, I would encourage the whole family to have a short bible reading and prayer on a daily basis. Read one Proverb plus a New Testament scripture. Anorexia is one of the most difficult demons and psychological disorders to battle. You will need much spiritual insight and wisdom. Fasting will begin to open the doors to wisdom, break demonic strongholds and begin to loosen the bondages of anorexia. Your sister needs to be in weekly counseling with a strong, loving and supportive counselor who has an excellent reputation. Really research this as there are many quacks out there with a lot of degrees but no common sense. If you have specific questions I will do my best to try and answer them. You can use the above gmail account to contact me. Standing with you in love and grace.

  3. This a beautiful prayer. I have been looking for a prayer for anorexia for over 13yrs. My daughter is 27 and has been suffering with disease since she was 14. Thank you so much.

    • Kendall, I encourage you and your daughter to read all my posts on The Balm of Gilead and The Armor of God. Anorexia is just as much a spiritual struggle as it is psychological. She needs inner healing. This could be an area you both could work together on after you understand how spiritual healing works – after reading the recommended posts. Standing with you in prayer.

  4. I pray for all who are suffering with anorexia. May the Lord release them from the clutches of this illness that devastates the body and the mind. May He bring healing and clarity to the victims of this disease and may His mercy, grace and peace be with the families that walk this journey with them.

  5. My daughter 13 yo is suffering from anorexia. She just came back from a church retreat. She did eat there which we are very thankful for, but she did struggle with the guilt afterwards. Please pray for her deliverance and cure from this disease.

  6. What a beautiful powerful prayer.
    God delivered me from anorexia many years ago. 5 feet 5 normal woman I weighed 78 pounds. I cannot tell you how God did it I only know that he did it. Deep unhappiness manifests itself as anorexia.
    Preachers laid hands on me and prayed for me in 1974 and God set me free.

    • Susana, I praise God for the healing and victory that you found in Christ. Please join with me in prayer that our ministry may be able to touch the lives of many who struggle with Anorexia that they too may find healing. Blessings to you beloved.

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