Prayer for the Sick or Injured


Dear Lord, the Word tells us that You are the great physician – I still believe that and I know that you continue to heal today. I ask that you would touch __________  and heal his/her body. I ask that you touch every muscle, tissue and cell  in his/her body  and  strengthen, heal and uplift him/her. Please place your loving arms around ________ and let him/her know that you love them. I pray that you would wipe away the discouragement, fear and anxiety they are feeling. Give his/her mind peace, comfort and rest. I pray that the pain would begin to diminish even today. 

Lord, I now ask that you would surrouond _______ with heavenly angels. Let your angels bring him/her peace and comfort. Help _________’s mind to meditate on you and your goodness. Now Lord I entrust my beloved to you. Help me to not be anxious but to continue to trust you throughout this situation. Help me to find words of comfort in your bible that I may share them with ________.  I know that you are a good God and I ask that you give me a greater measure of faith to continue to believe.”   We ask all these things in Jesus name.  amen

4 thoughts on “Prayer for the Sick or Injured

  1. Thats a great prayer for me. I dislocated my shoulder running I’m having a lot a trouble sleeping and worry please keep my worries away and heal me and I may need surgery.

  2. I have been struggling with an Achilles’ tendon tear and need all the strength I can get. I keep praying for healing and know I need to believe in the healing I’m asking for. Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I will keep praying it over and over and for others who need healing too.

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