Prayer for When Your Spouse Leaves You

file0001355241709“Dear Lord, my spouse has left me and I feel completely broken. I never thought it would happen to me or to our family. My heart is broken in pieces and I feel completely lost. Lord, I feel anger for all the hurt that my husband/wife has caused in our lives. I cannot forgive him/her – but Lord I allow You to forgive him/her through me.  Each time I feel anger, bitterness, revenge, hate or any negative feeling remind me to allow your forgiveness to flow through me. 

Father, I ask  you to heal my wounded heart. Don’t allow me to let bitterness fester. Help me know that you still have a purpose for my life and for my family. I don’t know how but I still believe that this is all working out to good. Help me to see your divine purpose in all this. Help me to not speak negative or hateful words about my spouse but to relinquish control over them.

Lord, your Word tells us that anything that is broken you can fix. I pray for the healing of our marriage. Help me to change. Help me to see my faults. Help me to see my shortcomings. Help me to be a healer and not a hurter. Give me the power of the Holy Spirit to change more each day. 

I ask that you would come and fill my heart with the knowledge of  your love, your goodness and your faithfulness.  Remind me how valuable I am to  you. Let me literally feel your loving arms around me. Help me to always remember that you never leave me or forsake me. Help me to draw closer to you during this painful time.  Give me strength to continue on. I want to know you as the Lover of my Soul. I entrust my life and this relationship to you.”  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

Friend, as you were saying this prayer I was praying for you.

69 thoughts on “Prayer for When Your Spouse Leaves You

  1. Good day
    May you pls pray for me last year in August i found out that my husband of 20 yrs was cheating on me. He has been having an affair with his colleague and they have a baby who is 2 yrs old. I am chistian and he’s non christian.
    Him and the mistress and his mother believe in traditional healers so in september i got sick with demonic attacks and during manifestation it says this lady wants me to die so that my husband marries the mistress.
    I am healed now thru pastors prayers but i pray to God that he gives me strength and also delivers the man i thought is my husband. His name is Freddie and the mistress name is Tshepo. The source told me that he’s been leaving with the mistress and her mother and the baby for 4 years now. I have been bl8nd and not seeing all these.
    I am in Johannesburg in Soweto and my husband has been working at Witbank for the past 8 years. It is about 78 miles. Amd everytime i ask him to get a transfer he talks a long story. Only to find he is cheating. I am still heart broken thou it seems like its a long time now but i feel betrayed and this came to me as a shock. He dissapointed me and worse part the witchcraft part left me with a big trauma.
    Please put me in your prayers. Amen

    • Keneilwe, Please read below the response to Eva. Be certain to follow all the teachings that I list for her. You MUST cover yourself and all that you have with the powerful blood of Jesus. I encourage you to find a powerful spirit filled church that can be a loving support and strength to you as you battle for you peace. Our Prayer Team is now lifting up your situation. Standing with you in love and faith.

  2. Please pray for me and my children. I’ve lived for years with an abusive husband but he escalated the abuse when he began to have an affair with his married employee. He said the cruelest, most vile things to me. I have never felt so hurt and devalued in my whole life. He got arrested for domestic violence and while there, I uncovered way more details about his affair. They are now living together and plan to marry. The betrayal and abuse is very difficult. I love the Lord, am reading the bible, doing counseling and am getting everyone to pray. He is not sorry one bit and has justified it all- even though I was an amazing wife. I have filed for divorce. He blames the affair and divorce on me but he was unwilling to get help, to cut off the affair, to be honest, apologize, take accountability and to go to therapy. He also has told me that never loved me and our whole relationship he just pretended and that he’s glad to stop pretending now. Basically, he said he did not know true love until he met her and he said she has the most beautiful soul & personality. He claims he’s still a Christian and, in fact, God put them together. She has left her husband and divorced him to be with mine. He also intends to win the criminal case and have me deported- without my children. If you could please pray that God opens his eyes and that he is humbled, contrite and that justice and the truth prevails and that God will allow me no matter what to have my children, I’d appreciate it. His sin has destroyed our family, her family and beyond. Please pray too that the Holy Spirit takes hold of him and, if it is God’s will, that God’s righteous anger will not stand for this sin any longer.

    • Diana, read all my posts under Inner Healing, Armor of God and Spiritual Warfare. You are going through a very difficult time, but we know that nothing is too difficult for God. We stand with you in faith and love. Please be sure to get into a strong bible believing church and small bible study were you can find the love and support you need. Our prayer team is now lifting up your situation.

      • Thank you so much for your prayers and reply. I have an excellent bible believing church that God has led me to with my children and am part of an adult bible Sunday school class as well as a divorce recovery class too. I will go and read the articles you suggested too. Thank you so much. It is definitely a massive spiritual battle I am in.

  3. Please pray for me, my husband literally walked out on me and my 5 kids, 4 have ADHD issues. He said I yell too much. He refuses to seek counseling and says I am the only one who needs help. He has been gone for 6 weeks and refuses to discuss anything with me. My kids are devastated amd I am heart broken.

    • Eva,

      When fighting these types of battles it is impertinent that you begin to fast and pray. (Read all my posts under Fasting). I recommend a long fast such as 6 months to one year. The most powerful fasts are often Media Fasts. This means no TV, No movies, no social media, or internet, etc. Only listen to Christian music and read the bible. This can drive away much of the darkness and prepare the ground for deliverance.

      I encourage you to read all our posts on Armor of God, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as this will be your key to overcoming difficulties and spiritual warfare. Also, listen to the Audio Meditation on Putting on the Armor of God as this will guide you in the process as to how to put it on.

      I also encourage you to read all our posts on Inner Healing, as this will help to bring healing to your mind and heart during this stressful time. This will also help insure that a root of bitterness does not develop and cause further pain in your life. I would encourage you to further read the teachings under Demons, Discouragement, Spiritual Warfare, Growing Spiritually and Wisdom. Take time to peruse all the Audio Meditations as they can be very beneficial for specific situations and can help guide you through the healing process.

      Daily Quiet Time is essential during this time. As this will bring you the peace and solace that you will need during this time.

      Generation Curses must be broken. If even if don’t think you have any it’s critical to review your history and walk through prayers to be certain. Read this teaching that will guide you through the process.

      We stand with you in faith as our Prayer Team is now interceding for your situation.

  4. Please pray for my marriage. My wife filed for Divorce in December, I still have not recieved the papers. I am praying daily that the Lord will heal her wounds and reconcile our marriage. She currently will not accept any calls or contact from me at all. I am trusting that God can fix our relationship even though it seems impossible, nothing is impossible with God.

    • Blessings Colton, Our Prayer Team is now covering your situation in prayer. Please be sure to read all my posts on The Armor of God and Fasting and Prayer. I suggest a 6 month to a one year media fast. Sterilize your home of ANYTHING that would be even remotely impure – books, magazines, etc. This is warfare and your home must be holy. Don’t even give Satan and inch or he will take it. Standing with you in faith.

    • A prayer of forgiveness.. pray till breakthrough :

      Daily, and especially before we sleep at night,

      let’s forgive our loved ones and
      in-law and
      3rd parties (when ready to forgive person who hurts us)
      Everyone one else who hurt us

      “In Jesus’ mighty name, I forgive __ for hurting me.

      In Jesus’ mighty name, I release __ to You, Lord, for You to minister to __.

      In the mighty name of Jesus, I bless __.


  5. I am abandoned by my Christian husband, walked out on when I am at work,packed all belongings flew back to USA. He left after being caught for emotional infidelity online with 3 women. We were going through Christian counseling at our church but he just left. I am from South East Asia, and also been deported from States,thus there can be no honour and no accountability in this marriage for I cannot fly to States for settlement.

    Please pray for my wounded heart, I love him dearly and desired reconciliation. I need strength,wisdom,discernment in my current situation,peace and super grace.

    Thank you very much.

      • Thank you very much, your timely reply prayers really comforting. His name is Michael Allen, He has harden his heart n justified his deeds towards me. Deeply appreciate your love.

      • am hapi to see this page.. please i need ur help and prayers to heal my broken heart my i caught my husband for cheating me for so long now i confronted him he decided to dump me and my 2 yers old son. my son love him so much it’s very hard for me to see my son always calling for his father im helpless. now he choose the other woman over us god knows how much i love him , now am dying with the pain he give it to me and the other woman also now they are happy to be together please please help me to pray to see the light from my darkest life am suffering now more power and god bless

      • Im praying for KB to be healed by our Lord who knows what she is going through.

        May God have mercy on her, her spouses and families.

        I pray that she put on a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. .God will fight the battles for us.

        I pray that she forgive her husband for hurting them and release them to God for Him to minister to them. Bless spouses often too. (Luke6:27-28)

        I pray that she would pray/positive words over self and husbands and families. .including in law and siblings and close friends.

        Personalize 1Cor13:4-7..put own name and loved ones names..

        Diana – A Mountain Streams Counselor

  6. I’m from North Carolina, 336 area, and im going through a separation. I was 38 weeks pregnant when my husband left without notice. I’m now raising 3 children in a broken home. I told the kids he was on vacation and they continue to ask when he’s coming back. I’m super bitter, I have cut all ties to him bc I’m so angry with him. Our youngest has just turned 1 month and im so hurt. I’ve honored my marriage even being separated bc I honor God and His word… I just feel he may be with someone and I know for sure he’s planning his life without his family.

    Any counselors or advisors that you know of in my area? I’m about to explode from not being able to express my unheard feelings.

    • Dee, my heart and prayers are with you. Place your focus on the Lord Jesus and pour out your heart to Him. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. He will not fail you.

      Our world is broken and we bear the consequences of the fallen state of man. Things will change when the kingdom of God is fully manifested on this earth. Until then, our sins and the sins of others can bring us deep pain. Jesus came to save us from our sin and to heal our broken hearts. He will help you if you turn to Him and seek His face. His love is the love you need.

      I encourage you to put out your heart to God. Don’t just let those thoughts run around in your head. Put them on paper. Write every single word. Draw, scribble, whatever mark you make express your feelings with it. Talk to God about it and don’t be shy. He can handle it. When you are done breathe a deep sigh of relief and tear it up!
      Then ask God what He would say to you. Again write it down. Whatever comes to your heart. Trust him to answer you. You can even ask Him questions. Remember He loves you completely. He will help you. You can not afford to turn away from Him because he is truly the lover of your soul.

      I think if you google Christian counsellors in your area code you will find someone to counsel you.

      I know God will provide for you and your children. Trust Him and pray that He will turn your husband’s heart toward you and his family. Continue to read and pray the prayers you find on this website. Read all the posts on Spiritual Warfare, The Armor of God and Balm of Gilead. Make sure you have daily quiet time, for at least an hour each day.(see post)

      My prayers are with you.
      In Him,
      Judy-a Mountain Streams Counsellor

  7. I have recently had my misses of 24 years leave me and move back to her family. It has been a tremendous loss. I was trying to change myself, be more kind and be more conscious of her needs but that seemed only to make her more resolute to move on. When she announced, she stayed another two months, months I used to be with her and help her which we did. Please pray for me, for her, our three teenage sons and our animals who we have raised together. I would love for her to come back and reconcile this and smile the way she did when we first met. Each day I wake up I hope I am dreaming she will be there making breakfast, getting ready for work or playing with our dogs, but its quiet instead. I am having problems sleeping and dealing with my work. I want to be forgiving, and when we speak on the phone, I do not shout but try to see things from her side. Keep praying for us coming together. At first, I thought maybe I should not try to see reconcilliation, but I do now and wish to have her in my and our children’s lives as a family. Please Lord Jesus bless us, follow us, comfort us.

    • Mick, please read the Prayer for When your Spouse Leaves You several times a day. Let the Holy Spirit work His answers into your heart. Approach God with a humble heart seeking His forgiveness and His grace for you and your family.

      As you humble yourself before God, He will lift you up. As you allow Him to change you, you will free The Holy Spirit to work in your wife’s heart. I believe God will honor you and answer your prayers. Stand firm in your faith.

      I hope you will seek a Christian counsellor for you and your boys. Hopefully your wife will agree to the counseling also. As you browse the Mountain Streams website you will find many teachings and other prayers to help you.

      I am praying for you and standing with you for the healing of your family.

      Judy, a Mountain Streams counsellor

  8. Pray for my wife Annemarie Swart. She left me and hungout in nightclubs and drink alchol and she us seeing 2men. Pray that she can come back.
    Thanks Dries

  9. I found this page randomly while I was looking for some prayers to calm me down.

    My husband left me 2 weeks ago… We have only been married for 8 mos. He left without telling me anything… We had fights before he left and I begged for him to give our marriage a second chance. I am now 5 mos pregnant with our first child. I have been emotional the past few days and anger has been building in my mind and heart. I always pray to God to open both of our hearts in forgiveness. I am praying that he comes back. Whatever problems he is going through right now i pray that it will be alright soon. I am still waiting and just praying. I pray in Jesus’ name the restoration of our love. Please pray for me…

    • Hi I just read your posting and I’m praying for I myself I’m a mom of 2 daughters age 10@12.,and my husband left about 6 weeks ago and I feel as u. That prayer really touched me. If you’d like to chat feel free to reach out to me. I’m Jill from Boston mass.. Blessings to all…praise Jesus..

      • Thanks for writing Jill. You have been through a lot. Please read all my posts on The Armor of God, Depression and Anxiety.You have a Divine Destiny that God has called you to. Let your daughters see the mighty woman of God that you are. If you are not in a fellowship keep trying to find one. You and the girls will need a lot of support in the days ahead. Standing with you in faith.

  10. My relation with my wife get worst, that’s why I felt something bad is going on. I keep on asking her if she has new one, she was denying it for 2 months. Until one time when we have this fight she has confessed it. I can forgive her, please pray for my reconciliation with her. I want my family back. I really really miss her.

  11. My husband left me 12 days ago. We have a beautiful 3yr daughter. He suddenly told me one night that he didn’t want to be with me anymore and that he didn’t love me as much as before. I love him so much and i know he loves me too. He said some harsh words and that he prefers to be alone. We are a family, we can work thru anything but he won’t give me another chance. He said he already made his decision. It breaks my heart to hear my precious baby ask for her daddy, she’s constantly asking “Mommy, where’s my daddy. I miss him.” It hurts so bad bcuz she doesn’t know yet. I don’t want her little heart broken. He’s always been a loving & caring father and husband. This was so unexpected. We did have arguments like any other couple but nothing extreme. Please pray for us. Plz pray my daughter isn’t heartbroken. Plz pray that she always has peace & love in her heart. I feel completely heartbroken, sad, hurt and alone. Plz pray that God touches his heart and helps him come back home to us. Plz pray that he will give us another chance to work out our problems together. I will do anything to fight for our family. Plz pray for us that God will help him come back home to us. In Jesus’ name I pray.

      • Thank you. Im so hurt and lost. I know i need strength to be there for my daughter but its so hard bcuz im waking up each morning with anxiety. This is so painful. She wakes up each morning asking for him and goes to bed asking for him 😥 I appreciate you praying for us. I truly wish he’d come back home to us 😥

      • Crystal, begin to write down and memorize bible verses that pertain to your situation. Speak them out loud all day long. Put them all in a notebook and make it your goal to have 200. This is your power and this is your strength. You are loved by your Heavenly Father. Peace.

  12. Please help frfr my husband has left me and my kids 14yrs we have been together I have been very loyal to my husband but he always comes with excuses and blames me for everthing now he has up and moved to Houston TX left me and his kids down here in his hometown with another woman and her kids I feel he had this planned we have been separated for 3months now but it’s just how he did the whole situation from the beginning how can he be blessed he said he wants a better life why not want that with your family he saids that am mean to him and this new woman treats him like a king when this woman was also married she is divorced I just feel hurt cause I was a good woman to this man he used he real bad and he is treating her good up and moved to another state with her and her kids I just don’t understand like OMG what do I do we are still married he is always on FB all the time talking about Houston TX and he is never coming back here I just hate this feeling.

    • Beloved, the first thing you need to do before you try and change the situation is to find your peace. I encourage you to spend at least an hour early in the morning just quietly sitting and waiting upon God -don’t pray or read the bible just wait upon God’s presence. Keep a journal nearby. When you feel like God is saying something then write it down. Do this 7 days a week. Once you begin to get your peace then you can get wisdom as to how God is directing you in this situation. Praying for you.

    • As you can see my post below I am in the same situation. I believe that my husband and probably yours too are deceived by the enemy. My husband blamed me for everything! It is their way of justifying the behavior that they know is wrong. is a fabulous website.

  13. My husband left in February. We have a 14 year daughter. We have struggled last 5 years but did not take necessary steps. Resentment has built up. In November my husband came to me and said the marriage had run its course. Said he felt nothing for me etc. Said the most harshest things that I had ever heard. Never had said the things he had said. wont consider counseling. Both of us are believers but he has not gone to church since November. Please pray.

    • Jen, I am praying peace and wisdom over you and the marriage. When your husband spoke these harsh and hurtful things over you he was releasing the true nature of who he is from his heart. Although it was so painful to hear, it was good for the darkness to be revealed. I feel there is more that is going on than what is being said. Pray that the WHOLE truth be exposed. I encourage you to go on a very long fast (read all my posts on fasting) so that you will be very in tune to what the Holy Spirit is saying in this situation. I bless you with the power of the Holy Spirit during this battle.

      • Jackie Thank you for your kind words. I believe something more is going on too….I have been praying for him as I believe the enemy is so at work right now

    • Jen, I just prayed for you and will continue to keep a prayer on my heart for you. I wept as I prayed for you, knowing the pain you feel as I have also been there. Hold onto Jesus. Trust Him. Run to HIM. I wish I could hug you and your daughter now. I promise you Jesus will heal every hurt and He can rebuild this broken marriage. I found Rejoice Marriage Ministries a few days after my husband left and it really helped me to see that God can restore. I read a book some time later called “How God Can and will restore your marriage” by Erin Thiele. It’s wonderful. I’m praying for you sister and send love to you in prayer.

      • Holly,
        Thank you very much! That brought tears to my eyes that someone who does not even know me wept for me….. The pain is just unbearable. I have also found Rejoice Ministries. I get so much comfort and hope from it. I keep trying to hang onto Jesus. However, I have spent so much time with guilt where I failed in marriage and just rehashing where everything went wrong…. I know I have to give that over to God as hard as it is. I just don’t understand how someone can be willing in September to want to work on marriage and by November a 360 of I’m done…
        Thank you Holly

      • Twitter: @HollyG_0812
        Jen I feel it on my heart to reach out to you. I have posted my Twitter account above, feel free to personal message me as you feel led. Hang in there! Take each minute and hour at a time, Jesus is literally holding onto you, dear sister. He won’t leave your side.

      • Hi Holly, I just set up a twitter account. its jenoneill96. I tried to send you a message but it says you are not following me

    • Hello, the lord is with you, what you should do is to pray an fast, through fasting d praying you will be able to over some the demons, also work on changing your self if there’s any thing that he build up in you like anger etc.and praise the lord all the times, its all the devils work.

  14. Hi again my beloved wife told me she hates me shes not coming back and so on me and the kids are devistated satan is attacking her hard and destroying this family Jesus please come down with a miracle

    • Josh, I suggest that you and kids go on a one year fast – no tv, computer, Facebook, etc., we push out the darkness by bringing in the light. During this time don’t call or contact your wife – let God convict her and woo her to you. Standing with you in warfare – keep us posted.

  15. Please pray God would send my beloved kerry home to me and our kids we miss her Jesus i thank u in advance for restoring my land Amen!!!!!

  16. My husband left me three weeks ago and did not contact me until last week to say he wants to end our marriage. Since then, he has not contacted me and I have no idea where he is. I’m 6 months pregnant and have 4 other kids, 3 of which are his. We have been through so much stress since he lost his job and has been out of work for a long time. I’m so hurt and alone. I love my husband and I know he loves me too, but he always runs away from his problems. This has been the worst by far. Please pray for us as I will do the same for all those who need it. In Jesus’ name I pray.

    • Juana you are in my prayers! My husband left 4 months ago, and has literally put me through an emotional roller coaster! Some weeks he calls and tells me he can’t sleep for thinking about me, then the next I don’t hear from him or days! I prayer that God’s will for you life will manifest and that he will give you the desires of your heart, according to his wisdom. Take care of yourself!

    • I am praying for you. My husband left me and my 2 children 3 weeks ago. He and I love each other too but he runs from his problems like your husband did. May God give you strength and speak to your husband to bring him home. I’m praying for blessings on you and your children, including the unborn child. Have faith and don’t give up!
      Holly Graham

      • Thank you to everyone that has prayed for me and my family. God did bring my husband home, but not for long. He is facing a very difficult time right now legally and he has since changed his attitude completely. He cannot be with us while he faces these legal issues, and it is hurting him so bad not to see us. I have never seen him be so regretful for leaving or seeking God as much as he is now. I thank God for this difficult time in our lives because without these hardships, we wouldn’t grow closer to God. HE has answered my prayers in more ways than I could imagine and I encourage everyone to stay in faith. Don’t lose faith no matter how bad the situation seems. God knows what HE is doing. Praying for everyone on here.

  17. Please pray for my family and husband John who wants to separate after 13 years of marriage to see if he is happier alone. We hv a 7 yr old daughter who will be impacted. He says he is no longer in love and has to leave to figure things out. Please pray for restoration of our marriage.

    • Laney I am praying for the restoration of your marriage. Remember, Satan works by deluding a person into thinking that they are truly right, it makes the person feel that they are right and everyone else is wrong. DON’T NAG HIM. LESS SAY MORE PRAY. Nagging will only drive him further away and keep him away. Rise up in faith mightly woman of God. Get a “Word” on your situation and stand on it. Standing with you in faith.

  18. Dear Lord, I pray for my wife Tammy to return to our family. I pray in Jesus name for the restoration of our marriage. Her three children and I miss her terribly, please Lord help Tammy be able to find her way back to her loving family.

      • My wife came home yesterday, we still have a lot of work to do. But with the God love we can do anything. Everybody don’t lose faith and trust in God. I pray that everyone who struggling in their marriage will have their marriage restored. Thank you for all the prayers.

  19. Thank you – today would have been our 21st wedding anniversery. I know society says get over it, go on, find someone new. Today I am rebuilding myself with a new carreer & focusing on my children. I watch my X husband cling to his 4th relationship since he left me, and it still hurts. I wanted so desperately for our family to be restored, but as time goes on, my doubt of that happening increases. He is having too much fun, fun I couldn’t provide him anytime soon because we are raising children and I can’t go out and drink, plus I’m not skinny anymore and young. So anyway, heart broken, hard day.

    • Today my beloved friend, you are reborn. Today God has you in a new beginning, a new destiny. Our Lord promises in the way that He is comforting you now in your sorrow – you will in turn comfort many. You have a ministry and a mission. You are called to share the love and hope to other women who have suffered just as you have. No, your life is not over, it is just beginning. Today, the Lover of your Soul calls you His beloved. He calls you to hold His hand on this new Journey. Please read all the post under Balm of Gilead. You are an amazing woman of God and I pray God’s complete healing, hope and power over you. Blessings friend.

  20. I’m Tj, me and my wife have been back and forth for over ten years. She has left me at least 5 or 6 times. We have only been married for 4years, but this past sunday she has left again. I love my wife and my two kids with all of my heart and I want this roller coaster to stop. Lord please allow my family to return to me for good , and make me the Godly male that you have called be to be in Jesus name Amen…

    • TJ, today we are standing with you in faith for the complete healing of your marriage. May the Lord teach you what is required to be a loving and faithful husband and father. I am praying that you will find a brother in the Lord to be accountable to and that can give you wise guidance, fellowship and encouragement.

  21. It’s been 22 days since my wife left an I am so torn. I have been unable to do anything but think about her. We will be together 19 years. And I am dying of a broken heart. I should have told her that I loved her more. I miss her and my kids so much. All I want is my family back so we can learn to be happy forever. God is great and I know his will is what must be done.

    • “Dear Lord, I now pray for Carlos, his wife and the children. I speak reconciliation over this marriage. I speak a renewed love and heart of serving. I speak healing, hope and peace. Lord, I thank you for restoring this marriage in Jesus name. I thank you that anything that is broken God can fix.” In Jesus name we pray. amen

      Carlos, we are praying for you and standing with you in faith for the healing of your marriage.

      • Thank you very much for praying for me. I know god has a plan and I have to accept what he wants to be done. It scares me to lose her forever. I have never in my life prayed so much or had soapy people pray for me. All I want is to love her and my kids forever and go to church together. I pray for god to touch her heart so that she can come back home. Thank you again for your prayer. God Bless you!

  22. Please say a prayer for me my wife just left and I am still trying to understand what’s going on I pray we reunite and get better with time I understand its going to be hard but I am waiting on my wife I am going to pray everyday and go to church for healing I know god is with me and this is the path I was out on I just hope he will make me stronger as the days go by I love my kids and my wife and willing to do anything to make it work

    • Mickey, I now pray for you that you would have the courage to fast, pray and warfare for your marriage. Take authority over that demonic spirit of divorce – it is not of God. I am standing with you in faith that there will be healing and reconciliation for your marriage. See my post “Pull Down that Stronghold of Adultery” I believe it will empower you. God bless you brother.

  23. Lord Jesus, I lift up to you Bill and Diane, heal this couple’s marriage Lord Jesus and Bless them abundantly. Lord Jesus you have said what you have bound in heaven no man shall separate. Lord Jesus if it is your will let this couple be united again and live a life with your blessings. Lord Jesus I am in a similar situation and I know lord how it feels to be abandoned. Lord Jesus, my life is tearing apart, I have no desire to live but am compelled to because of my only son. Lord Jesus I lift up all the troubled marriages in the world today and pray for your healing. Lord bless all couples all over the world, let Satan not enter their homes and destroy what they have built with love. Thank you Jesus, Praise You Jesus, We thank and praise you Jesus for all these situations and believe that our prayers will be answered. Lord Jesus Bless Bill in a special way, give him courage to carry on with life’s trials. Lord Jesus give him the strength he needs and comfort him in his sorrow. AMEN.

    • Hi there friend,

      I am agreeing with you in prayer. If you should ever need someone to pray with you I am here for you. Just contact me. I appreciate your time to send in your own prayer for your friend. I am praying for them and for your situation. I encourage you to read my posts under The Balm of Gilead – this will help heal your heart and mind. Also, under Relationships – read Letting Go of Unrequited Love. This post has helped many to be set free from deep heartache and pain.

      You are richly loved by your Heavenly Father.

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