Prayer for a Teenager Out of Control


“Dear Lord I lift up my son/daughter to you. You know what we have been through, how we have suffered and what a toll this has taken on us. First Lord I offer my son/daughter back to you. You gave him/her to us as a gift and now I lay them at your feet. I cannot love this child the way that I need to – but I ask that you would love them through me. 

In Jesus name I command the fears, worries, cares and burdens of this situation to leave my mind. Lord, I ask that you fill me with a supernatural peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus name I break this spirit of rebellion off of my son/daughter. I claim him/her for the kingdom of God. God has a plan and a purpose for my child’s life. I am determined that they will fulfill their divine assignment on this earth. Satan I now command you to leave my son/daughter. You have no power over them. I cover them under the blood of the Lamb.

Father, open my son’s/daughter’s eyes and heart to see what darkness he/she is living in. Let them see the difference between right and wrong. Show them clearly the sin they are living in. Help them to make wise choices. Lord I pray that you would send Godly people into my son’s/daughter’s life. Surround him/her with protective angels. Allow no hurt or harm to come his/her way. Let him/her know how much you them and that you have a plan for your life. Continue to give me unconditional love and patience.

In Jesus name I refuse to be INTIMIDATED by my son/daughter. I will not allow fear to control me. The bible says that when we fear people it’s like a snare – we are entrapped by the person.  I now choose faith not fear. When I am around my son/daughter I will see myself 16′ tall and will not allow them to control me.”

In Jesus name I pray.  amen

Friend, as you were saying this prayer I have already agreed with you. Let us join our faith and begin to completely trust God for the outcome. I would recommend saying this prayer first thing each morning. God is pulling for you and so am I.  You are richly loved.  Don’t give up.  Stand up for yourself and refuse to be intimidated.

12 thoughts on “Prayer for a Teenager Out of Control

  1. I really needed this prayer. I have a 17 year old daughter who is extremely disrespectful and disruptive. She feels she can do whatever she wants and we just have to take it unless she starts a whole big scene. When I ask her to go to her room to give time to cool off, she literally refuses and won’t budge! I will be praying this prayer daily… Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!!

    • Tabitha,

      When fighting these types of battles it is impertinent that you begin to fast and pray. (Read all my posts under Fasting). I recommend a long fast such as 6 months to one year. The most powerful fasts are often Media Fasts. This means no TV, No movies, no social media, or internet, etc. Only listen to Christian music and read the bible. This can drive away much of the darkness and prepare the ground for deliverance.

      I encourage you to read all our posts on Armor of God, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as this will be your key to overcoming difficulties and spiritual warfare. Also, listen to the Audio Meditation on Putting on the Armor of God as this will guide you in the process as to how to put it on.

      I also encourage you to read all our posts on Inner Healing, as this will help to bring healing to your mind and heart during this stressful time. This will also help insure that a root of bitterness does not develop and cause further pain in your life. I would encourage you to further read the teachings under Demons, Discouragement, Spiritual Warfare, Growing Spiritually and Wisdom. Take time to peruse all the Audio Meditations as they can be very beneficial for specific situations and can help guide you through the healing process.

      Daily Quiet Time is essential during this time. As this will bring you the peace and solace that you will need during this time.

      Generational Curses must be broken. If even if don’t think you have any it’s critical to review your history and walk through prayers to be certain. Read this teaching that will guide you through the process.

      Finally, purchase the book Boundaries for Teens by Cloud and Townsend. We stand with you in faith and will have our prayer team lift up your situation.

    • Thank you for these 🙏 for my children I do believe and have faith that God hears my prayers and I know he’s turning things around. Thank you so much.
      Lynette Hicks

  2. Thank you so much my daughter is being very rebellious towards me I try to do what is best for her I am a single parent the father has never been in her life but lately she has been mean selfish lying abusive verbally and has tryed physically now she is lying to others trying to covence them that I don’t care about her. I needed this prayer for her thank you.

    • Lucretia, I feel your pain. Being a single parent you are in a difficult position. Remember, we never ignore the problem, we address it. Do you address your daughter EACH and EVERY time she is disrespectful? or do you keep ignoring her? If you are ignoring her then you are sinning – you are allowing the rebellion to continue in YOUR home. Remember, as long as she lives in YOUR home you are in charge 24/7. I am praying that God will give you the courage to stand up to your daughter and to say what’s on your mind. Make this your daily prayer “Lord, give me the courage to say what is right.” Blessings to you beloved.

    • I hate that your dealing with matter with your daughter. When you get a chance next time she’s away at school or friend house. Go to her room raise her bedroom window open her room door and start praying pushing all negative out the window touch her favorite clothes inside her closet her book bag anything that she wear shoes underwear and Ask God to come into her life. Tell Satan to go back to hell and get out your daughter room and life. This to shall pass I will be praying for you all as well.

  3. I am thanking you in faith for standing in agreement with me for my 14year old daughter Gift. She has turned to be so secretive, dirty, sulky and not caring about her sibilings. I am suspecting the friend she is playing with now are the ones causing all the problems. I have always been open with my daughter about life and the risks which are there if you lead a reckless one. The father is not interested and doesn’t play any part in giving good advice. She knows God but i feel am slowly loosing her. I feel she doesn’t regret what she does in the God’s eyes. In Jesus Almighty’s name I life Gift up to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to speak he word in her life.


    • Friend, are you regularly fasting and praying for your daughter? Get your family off ALL media for a year – that means no youtube, TV, movies, internet – you can do this and it will NOT kill your family – it will break that rebellious spirit that is deluding your daughter. You are in a battle for your daughter’s life – time to pull out all the ammunition. Read all my posts on Fasting and Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and The Armor of God. You will need every spiritual weapon from heaven to break this stronghold that is on you daughter. Standing with you in warfare.

  4. I too thank you for standing in agreement for my 14yr old son Brennan. He too is diving into risky behaviors and has manipulated my parents and his father to his ways. I have taken a stand and gave him a choice not to live and rule my house. I pray that God will bless all involved in this situation. No regrets for doing what is right in the Lord our God’s eye. In Jesus name i lift Brennan up to our Lord and Saviour.

  5. Thank you for standing in agreement with me for my 17 yr. old son. He is rebellious, disrespectful and has a mind of his own and says he’ll do what he wants. He needs The Lord in his life. My husband committed suicide in May of this year. There was a lot of bitterness between my son and my husband. My son shows no remorse. I need the love of God to cover him. Only God can touch the heart and inner man. Thank you!

    • Ursula, you have been through so very much. Please read all my teachings on the Balm of Gilead. Spend this next year focusing on healing for your inner-man. You cannot love your son. It must be Christ loving him through you. I am standing in agreement with you for you son – in Jesus name we now claim SORROWFUL REPENTANCE upon him. This is the sorrow that leads to change, to remorse, to humility. Be covered in the love and grace of Christ.

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