Healing Snow

Snow all around me. Snow in my mind. Snow falling from the heavens. It has snowed for three days here in Southern Indiana. It has covered all the mud, the garbage, the asphalt, the ugliness. God spoke to me:

“Tell them this is how I cover the wounds, the pain, the mistakes, the hurts, the unforgiveness, the abuse …. I send refreshing snow. Snow for the land, snow for the heart and snow for the mind. My healing snow covers the past, the present and the future. There is no crack, no crevice, no obscure place that my snow cannot invade, cannot penetrate, cannot melt. My snow always brings healing.”



Life brings hurts, discouragements, disappointments, disillusionments, heartache, physical pain and turmoil.  When our hearts are so full of despair it feels that we will die from the weight. It is then that Christ desires to refresh us. It is then that He desires to bring life to the dead places of our hearts. So often life feels out of control. So often we cannot understand how God will unravel this particular mess. Often it feels like our hearts have become dumpsters – ugly piles of pain, misery and heartache. We long to taste joy once again. We long to hear the birds of spring, to see the first buds of flowers, to once again smell the fresh-cut grass.

Then snow of God’s love falls and keeps falling. It covers the ugliness of life, the garbage of past mistakes and the hurt of abuse. No longer is the pain seen – just snow.

No matter what mistakes you have made, what sin you have committed, what unspeakable abuse you were involved in – if you will sincerely repent and turn from your sins He has promised that He will make you white as snow. When the devil brings up your past – only speak one word “Snow” – then keep saying it until the wrong thoughts and the torments leave your mind.

When it seems like we have lived in a very long winter of cold darkness, then God speaks: “For to the snow He says ‘Fall on the earth’. ” Job 37:6

You see beloved, God has a purpose even for snow. He speaks to it. It follows His command. He sends healing snow in our lives, in our minds and in our hearts that we might be covered in His peace, in His love, in His forgiveness, in His blessings. He longs to bring the healing, the strength, the peace, the rest, the finances, the longings of your heart. Yes, He even sends blessings in the middle of the winter of our lives. Just when we thought we wouldn’t survive another day in our situation – snow slowly begins to fall.

It is the snow upon the mountain tops that sends refreshing waters for the streams, for the rivers and for our lives. It is cold snow that soon turns into refreshing waters that nourishes all wildlife and all humanity.

“Dear Lord, I pray for my beloved friend who is reading this. I pray soft, white, healing snow to begin to envelop their heart, mind, body, situations, finances, their home, their relationships, their hearts desires, their hurts and their longings. Winter is only for a season – but it too has a reason. With this short season bring your healing love and peace. Let my beloved friend know how much you are right there in their situation – in every care and every concern. Today dear Lord, let your son/daughter know you are right there in every snow flake, in every breath, in all that they are going through.” In Jesus name we pray. amen

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