The Problem with Life Being Too Easy

Back in the 60’s and 70’s Ham Radios were very popular. If you had a Ham Radio you could speak to people from all over the United States – sometimes other parts of the world! Last year my daughter was in Bangkok, Thailand working for various magazines. At one point she had come down with food poisoning. I wanted to call her to be sure she was feeling better. In 3 seconds I was able to reach her directly and instantly by cell phone. This is the world we live in “Direct and Instant.” In so many ways it has become a blessing – yet in so many ways it has become our nations curse.


What I am seeing is a lack of fortitude, gumption and determination. People have become lazy. They no longer use their minds. Spelled a word wrong? No need to think about it – your spell check has already told you it’s wrong. But worse than that you no longer have to make an effort to find the correct spelling – it’s automatic and instant. We are now seeing a generation of youth being raised up where few have had to travail to achieve results. We have a generation of people who have coasted through life without ever having to fight for what they have earned – many have had it handed to them on a silver platter.

We have become a lazy nation. We no longer understand the word “gumption” – “courage, spunk, guts.” It takes guts to stick with your marriage. It takes fortitude to put others needs above your own. It takes gumption to be a father who willingly lays down his “me” time so that he can spend time with his kids. It takes courage to not give up on a friend even when they have hurt your feelings. It takes tenacity to continue to be a committed believer, to walk in purity, to follow God’s precepts and to not give into the worlds standards. It takes guts to put down the porn, walk away from the drinking, throw out the drugs, to call someone and say “I need help.”

Our society tells us that if you are not “happy” then it’s ok for you to walk away from your circumstance. How very grateful I am to Christ when He was not “happy” about going to the cross yet He willingly laid down His life for all mankind. I am so thankful to missionaries who weren’t “happy” about losing a child on the mission field yet continued to spread the gospel in a foreign land. I am so thankful for Christian martyrs who willingly laid down their lives, leaving comfort and family knowing that they would be slowly tortured to death.  I am so thankful each time a believer chooses to deny him or herself and do what is right for our country, for our society and for the family.

You no longer need old-fashioned gumption to be successful in this world. But God’s word tells us that “Greater love has no man than this but that a man would lay down his life for his friends.” We are called each day to lay down our lives for our children, our friends, our spouses, our work, our nation and for Christ. Becoming a believer has never meant being a success by the worlds standards. Becoming a believer means doing what’s right even if you are the only person left standing. Now – that takes gumption.

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