Healing Mugs

I collect mugs. I can’t live in Alaska – but I can hold my beautiful mug and remember the amazing time I had there. I haven’t traveled all the places Michael has – but I have beautiful mugs that I can drink from which join me to that part of the world. Some of my mugs are tiny – especially the lovely one my daughter Nichole brought back from Australia.  Some mugs are large – like the ones Michael brings me when he takes his motorcycle trips out west. They are all unique.


The other morning I was very sick with a terrible cough and laryngitis. The day was very dark and snowy. I decided I needed something to bring me a little joy. I reached for an old mug – as I reached for it I smiled.

“This is my healing mug” I thought to myself.

The mug is very large, handmade and rough-hewn with earth tone colors swirling around the perimeter. It made me smile.  I had purchased this old mug years ago when we lived in our old farm house. Warm memories of sledding and wooly horses filled my mind.

I mixed up a big  batch of hot chocolate and poured it into the mug. I pulled up my bible, diary, books and reading material. Yes, I was sick. Yes, today I could go nowhere. But there was a warm healing in my bones, a gentle peace in my soul and a smile in my heart. Perhaps today is the day you need to find a few healing mugs and let the warm memories begin.


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