How to overcome Satanists


Satanists  and witches must be fought spiritually. They draw their power from Satan. The only way a person can overcome them is by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the blood He shed and using the spiritual tools He gives us. Satanists understand spiritual warfare. They are more aware of spiritual powers than most Christians. This is why they are so successful. This is why so many are turning to Satanism for a place to belong.

When someone becomes a Satanist or witch they dedicate their lives to Satan. In return Satan gives them power, prestige and Satanic “blessings.” They do not realize that the price they pay will be their very souls. Satan is his name and death is his game. When someone becomes involved with cults such as Wicca, Satanism or Paganism they knowingly or unknowingly sell their souls to Satan. I have spoken to those involved with these cults and they think they will have fun until they decide to get out of it. Think Satan will let you go just like that? You are in for a terrifying surprise. Satan never lets one of his own go without a horrific battle.

You cannot leave Satan without first committing your life to the Lord Jesus Christ Once you have made that commitment you must find a strong group of believers that will love you through the exit process. These people must understand spiritual warfare. Read all my posts on Spiritual Warfare This process has no time limit. The “Exit Battle” could last for months or a year – it will be different for everyone. The first thing is to be determined that no matter what you are not going back. Once you make this decision Satan will know it and try everything in his power to dissuade you. Stay strong. Call your prayer partners each and every time you feel weak, worn out, tempted or scared.

The next important tool is understanding the amazing power of the Blood of Jesus. It is the one tool Satan cannot come against Apply the Blood over yourself, your family and all that you have each morning. Stand in faith knowing that Satan cannot trespass over the Blood – it terrifies him.

Put on the Afile7151294954053rmor of God out loud each day. Read all my posts on the Armor Do not go one day without this Armor. It is your spiritual protection against all the evil darts of hell which will be sent out against you. Be sure to come against fear – remember, this will be one of Satan’ most powerful tools against you. Determine in your mind that you WILL NOT fear. Once you settle that in your mind you will have begun to win the fight.

Be sure to not watch any movies, TV shows or listen to any music that is not Christian. You are too vulnerable. Satan and his demons will use any little crack in your life to torment you. You must guard your mind with all diligence.


Stay in regular fellowship with your fellow believers – no matter what. Satan will send schemes against you to divide you from others. Don’t take the bait.  Satan’s Got Your Line Determine in your mind that you will NOT get out of fellowship with others. Never allow offenses to come in. Once you lose your link with others  you lose your protection and your power. Your fellowship may only be a small bible study or a home group – it doesn’t have to be in a formal church setting. 

Do not spend time with unbelievers – this could cause you to fall back into Satanism. Satan will use PEOPLE in very bizarre ways to tempt you back. Guard your heart. Protect yourself from those who would hurt you.

file0001342564861Memorize God’s Word every single day. As you read the Word of God keep a roll-o-dex of index cards where you can fill out new verses each time you read a powerful verse. As  you write them down take time to memorize them throughout the day. Every few days add a new verse to begin working on, along with continuing to memorize the old ones. Your Word level is your Power level.

You can never go back to any trace of cult involvement – including horoscopes, tarot cards, seances, even fortune cookies. If you were in a cult the smallest crack is an open invitation to Satan and his demons.

God created Satan as a good angel. Satan rebelled against God and fell from heaven. Satan must submit to God. God is greater. He rules over Satan. When you are scared say out loud “God rules over Satan. Jesus overcame Satan on the cross. The blood of Jesus protects me and my family from Satan and his plans.”


Live a squeaky clean life – no sex outside of marriage, no porn, no magazines of any sort, no newspapers. Remember, your mind is what Satan is trying to torment – you cannot take a chance with filling it with anything other than things that are pure, powerful and Godly.

Contact me if I can be of further help.

“Dear Lord, I pray for my friend that is leaving Satanism, Wicca and other cults. Let them know that you rule and reign over Satan. Satan’s powers were broken at the cross. The only power that he has is what we give him. Show my friend how great, how mighty and how very powerful you are. Let them know what a good, kind and loving God that you are. Let them know that if they don’t give up they will have freedom, peace and joy restored to their lives. Give them the courage to fight and never give up.  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

12 thoughts on “How to overcome Satanists

  1. I need help.Sorry for my english.
    My life isnt good.I was crying and saying ‘god,why didnt you help me’
    And I felt something.Someone trying to talk to me.It wasnt a voice,i just felt that.
    I say myself ‘Satan,talk to me,i know its you.(i was atheist)
    I felt that he say ‘Be with me,we are gonna take your revenge,you are gonna be strong with me’
    And i started to laugh and talk,like a monster.It wasnt me.
    I felt that conversation for 6 month.
    After that,i found something about satanism,on internet.
    I did the ritual.
    I felt happy and strong.
    I was talking with demons and devil.
    I felt that thay talking to me.
    After 1 month.I was watching a video about ocult.
    One man say ‘Demons,devil’
    When i hear that,i was really creepy,i became a coward.
    I said myself ‘What im a doing?,Im out,They deceived me,they are evil’
    It was 2 months ago,After that day,my life is….Im suffering,Objects are moving,sometimes i hear something.
    I feel like there is a tumor in my head.
    My body..
    I dont wanna live with this body.
    After that,2 months ago.
    I found jesus for the first time.
    I pray for help.To jesus,to angels,to god..
    But sometimes i feel demon inside me..
    When i was a child.My parents say:
    When i was 6-7 years old.
    In the garden,im going to darkness and saying to my friends:will you come?I am the darkness..And im going alone and looking sky.
    I was only 6-7 years old.
    Im crying,please help me.

    • Ryzer, anytime that we have been involved with the occult we must always go through deliverance – the demons must be cast out of you. I encourage you to read How to Cast out a Demon Read all my posts on Satan, Spiritual Warfare, The Armor of God and Fasting and Praying and Inner Healing. If you are not comfortable casting out the demons by yourself then you need to find a strong believer or church that is familiar with the Deliverance ministry. Begin by looking up Deliverance by Fire Ministry on Facebook. Keep asking people to help you until you are set free. Put on your Armor OUT LOUD every single day. Cover all that you have under the blood of Jesus. We are now having out Prayer Team lift you up and we are standing with you in faith.

      • I wanna know something,did you ever meet with someone who did dedication rituel or who exit.Did they suffer ?
        Sorry for my english.

      • Ryzer, I have not. I think you need to find someone who has experience in this area. Don’t stop calling churches and trying to get help. God is with you and we are praying for you . blessings.

      • Thank you please pray for me.Because i feel that im gonna die.
        There is a tumor in my head now.There wasnt before.
        I lost my eyes for 3 times.I was blind.Im suffering so much and it doesnt matter for me.
        Im only 20 years old,and i know im gonna die.Please pray for me.
        I can suffer,there isnt any problem.I dont want to this world.I just want to save my soul.If im gonna die,i wanna save my soul..
        Churchs say me:We cant do nothing.
        They just dont care.
        Thank you very much again

      • Ryzer,

        We are now interceding for you. Begin to praise Jesus for helping you. Keep praise music on all day and night. PRAISE CONFUSES SATAN. You will not die, you will live. Begin to praise Him outloud right now – thanking Jesus for healing you, delivering you and setting you free. Say this all day long. Begin to read Psalm 91 out loud – do this 5 times a day. Do it with authority. We now call the angels of heaven to comfort and encourage you. Standing with you in love and faith.

      • Ryzer,
        Say simply..pray unceasingly. ..

        Jesus save me
        Jesus help me
        Thank You Jesus.

        Father God, heal me and deliver me from the evil one

        Thank You Father
        Thank You Jesus
        Thank You Holy Spirit

  2. help…
    i have done this ritual…..
    i don’t know that have i did it right…
    but i want to leave Satanism…..
    please help me…

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