Bullies are very insecure people who only know how to make themselves feel better by hurting others. It brings them pleasure to demean, injure, attack and ridicule others. Years ago I developed a technique when my daughters were in high school and were being bullied. This technique  has helped many kids to overcome the bully, to be more confident and to feel empowered. I have had adults and kids come back and say that once they used the techniques they were never bullied again.

 I encourage you to print this out and pin it on the wall in your or your child’s bedroom. Work on this daily. Say these power statements out loud at least 3 times a day.


I want you to stand on a chair or table. Do this right now. How tall are you? How do you feel? Are you taller than others? Do you think you are taller than the person bullying you? I want you to close your eyes as you are on the chair and picture yourself 16 feet tall. Get that picture in your mind. Hold it there. That is the picture of who you now are. You are very tall. You are very strong. You are very powerful. Now, throughout your school or work day you will continue to imagine yourself taller than everyone else. When you go through a doorway I want you to duck your head. Remember, a tall person would have to do that.

When you walk down the halls at work or school I want you to begin imagining those around you as tiny as ants. 

Picture the peoplewho have bullied you as ants. Do it right now. See how tiny they are? You must be careful not to step on them. You are so much taller than they are. Now, you will always picture yourself in this way. No matter what – you will always be taller than others.

045What will you say the next time a bully teases, demeans or tries to hurt you? You will get very tall, you will point your finger in their face and with the loudest voice possible you will say:

“Don’t ever talk to me that way again!!!

“Don’t ever call me those stupid names again!!!

“STOP making fun of me!!!

“Get your big hands off of me and don’t ever punch me again!!!

“Don’t EVER touch me or push me again!!!


Now,  I want you to begin practicing each of these lines in front of the mirror twice a day. Get a tough, mean face and yell those words out. Say these lines until you have them all memorized. Do this every day for one month. After that keep saying them just to keep your mind refreshed as to what to say. This way the next time you are bullied these words will fly out of your mouth. The bully will be very surprised. They may keep at it – but you just keep saying these lines louder and louder. DON’T let them intimidate you. Remember,  they are just the size of an ant.


Next, I want you to ask God to assign 4 angels to you. They can look like any super hero that you want – batman, superman, the Hulk, etc. When you ask God to do this He will send them. Picture your super Angels right now. There are four of them. They are protecting you and keeping you safe. When others try to hurt you they will be surprised that you will have a shield around you. These angels are just when you are being bullied. So don’t think you can do something foolish and they will protect you. Their assignment is strictly against bullies. I want you to picture your angels around you day and night. These will bring a sense of peace and comfort.

Finally, I would like you to say this short prayer everyday. You can also use your own words. Your life will change. Once you use all these tools – everything will be different. Write me and tell me what happened.

“Dear Lord, please send your powerful, protective angels to surround me. Give me the courage to use these tools. Help me to see myself as 16 feet tall. Let me know how very powerful I really am. Give me the strength to protect myself. I know it is never your will for me to be bullied. I ask all of this in Jesus name.”    amen

5 thoughts on “How to STOP a BULLY

  1. There is a woman on my job named latesha, that is trying to come in my office and annoy me. We work in the same department so I can’t tell her to stop…. it’s not an outward bullying but very subtle things like trying to ostracize others against me…. can you please pray for her power to be defeated in this. Thank you

    1. Aayanna, I encourage you to read my post on Stalking since this is the same spirit behind it it . Also, please be sure to read and listen to all my teachings under the category Armor of God. Be sure you put it on outloud each morning. Our prayer team will now be lifting up your situation. We now agree in faith that this harassing spirit will be stopped in Jesus name. peace

  2. Has that ever caused more problems? I am an adult, but was playing volleyball when a guy started to harass me. What do you do with people who are older and still act like that? I can defend myself if it came to a confrontation, but would rather not let it get to a physical thing.


    1. Victor, I have been intimidated and harassed by adults also. These techniques work on adults also. Just by saying “Hey, don’t ever talk to me like that.” or “Listen, I don’t need you to yell, you can speak in a normal voice and until you do I will not listen to you.” You can also say “Look, I am not going to argue with you. Just speak to me respectfully and we won’t have problems.” Practice the lines over and over and the next time it happens the words will fly out of your mouth. Be sure to picture yourself as much taller than this person – it really makes a difference. I believe the probability of having a physical altercation is slim – but if it starts you said you can protect yourself. Never let fear stop you from standing up for yourself. Write and let me know what happened, I am praying for you.

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